Bones confident of season renewal

There’s no confirmation yet of Bones winning an eighth season, but creator/executive producer Hart Hanson and executive producer Stephen Nathan believe the show will be back.

“There’s always the business side between the studio and the network, and they have to figure our license fees and things,” Hanson told fans at the Paleyfest TV forum. “But, I hate to say this, in many, many ways, Bones is Fox’s most successful hour-long scripted drama. I’m pretty confident that we’ll be back for Seasons 8 and 9, yeah.”

Anticipating an eighth season, the producers said Bones would end Season 7 with a cliffhanger although they would not reveal details.

“There will be a large cliff that people will be hanging from,” Nathan said. “It’ll change the course, certainly the beginning, of season 8.”

No prizes for guessing what that will be….

When asked whether viewers could expect a wedding for Deschanel and Boreanaz’ characters before the series ends, Nathan quipped: “If they ever get married, we’ll see a wedding.”

The word Moonlighting also surfaced, famously ending after David and Maddie did the deed, but producers were non-plussed.

Deadline reports along with the 13 episodes that complete this season’s story arc, they confirmed they have produced 4 extra episodes that are not part of the arc but “we don’t know where they are going to be” on the season schedule.


  1. @MuchoTB

    I know but technically Touch hasn’t started yet which was why i mentioned it. Also Glee is categorically a “comedy” according to the US awards shows.

  2. @Guy: They still have Glee for another few years and chances are ‘Touch’ starring Kiefer Sutherland will be renewed if it maintains the ratings the premiere episode got.

    Doesn’t look good for the rest of their shows though…Bones spinoff The Finder has been moved to Fridays and Alcatraz is listed as ‘certain to be canceled’ by TVByTheNumbers

  3. The hook up was weird but I’m still watching. It was like they spent one night together, nothing more said about it until she dropped the bomb shell in Booth’s lap. And now they are a couple, still fun to watch.

  4. Love Bones and i have no doubt this will be renewed. Everything else in the drama slate has been practically cancelled and Bones is the last one standing.

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