1. I dont watch this show and only did just a preview but that Paul Henry says a lot of things tongue in cheek, he’s trying to be different and funny and I think he is. And gues what this means ? His not been “himself” other then been different like wanna be jim carry in usa the price is right. Seriously i have a feeling the clases his wearing is sort of new thing on him for this programe.. i have a feeling his not used to it because he never wear clases before but do so for the program and making it out as if his really the typical guy who wears clases like that all his life….

    But his acting differently like wanna be someone else and not been hismelf and decent for his age aniways… And the classes he wears makes him stupid from all im concern.. He only been wearing classes due to show off on tv.. Its not like he allways ever was wearing clases like that before he was never on tv. Think about it…

    Other then that this program wont last long.. just like the preview morning shows they last 2 year and then its all gone.

    • If you aren’t personally familiar with Paul Henry it’s probably a bit much to suggest he isn’t being himself. I have met him and he was wearing glasses. I don’t think his appearance is where the show’s challenges lay. P.S. Jim Carey has never done The Price is Right.

  2. I really like the show. Paul Henry says a lot of things tongue in cheek, he’s trying to be different and funny and I think he is! So what if he’s a kiwi, who cares! Just give him a chance. How are ratings worked out anyway? Nobody has ever asked me what I watch!

  3. Wow, that is really shocking. Ten are renowned for holding their nerve and not yanking shows, so I imagine they will stand by it for the immediate future. I was always dubious about Paul Henry, who I’m sure was hired on the strength of being an obnoxious know-all. That personality type does not always work with Aussie audiences.

  4. I’ve watched the show every day, as I am over Sunrise and never watched Today. I actually really like Paul Henry, but I don’t think he’s been allowed to shine. Rochford is useless and not needed. I agree with comments about the set et al, but the bigger problem is too much time spent on the weather, and 15 minute updates. They are interupting flow, and the chance to expand on stories. There have been some nice segments, and I hope for more levity, it’s core strength is its unscripted format. Fingers crossed it makes it.

  5. Big mistake by Ten. Why don’t they hire Sandra Sully and Brad McEwan or get Ian “Dicko”Dickson to host alongside Andrew Rochford and have Kath Robinson to read the news and Bill Woods (makle Ron Wilson go back to reading the Sydney news) to read the sport. Also have sexy Magdalena to be more involved with the show not just doing the weather.

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