Bumped: Young Talent Time

TEN has pulled Young Talent Time from Sunday nights and bumped it to Friday nights at 7pm from Friday March 30th.

The move is a major blow to TEN’s Super Sunday and ambitions to revive the iconic talent show for a new generation.

The show’s ratings had slipped from its million plus debut, to 689,000. But significantly it was down in key demos. The show also had next to no lead-in from TEN’s insistence on a Sunday edition of The Project.

While the young talent has been solid, and host Rob Mills has received good reviews, it hasn’t been able to attract the kind of buzz afforded to Australia’s Got Talent. In an era of Reality-driven talent shows, having an optimistic family-friendly show has been a challenge.

David Mott, Chief Programming Officer, Network Ten, said; “As we move through the year we will continue to reinvigorate our Super Sunday line up and our move this weekend of The Biggest Loser

“We’ve built Friday nights for family-friendly entertainment, fun light programming and now the perfect for Young Talent Time as it heads into the big semi final and final weeks. The first Friday is a Michael Jackson special and audiences are going to love it.”

TV Tonight understands TEN has an option for three seasons of the talent show.


  1. Friday Nights are where most of your 15/16 year olds who watch are either out with friends or have a night job somewhere at the fast food shops/video store or retail outlet of some type so naturally it wouldn’t have worked putting this on then.Off the topic a little Ten already has Glee so do they really need an Australian poorly done clone.I am old enough to remember the 80’s version as a kid watching it on Saturday Nights before Magnum PI.

  2. bettestreep2008

    vinnie33- couldn’t agree more!
    David Mott should be sacked and any executive who decided on inserting The Renovators into the MC finale, giving Andrew Bolt his own show and paying Paul Henry over $1m to make Karl Stefanovic look good in the mornings!

  3. It would have been good if it was kept like the original one which I enjoyed. They need younger kids for the cuteness factor, in the old show the kids had to retire at 16 but most of these kids are 16 and 17 and one of the contestants was 18! they should go on the X Factor and let younger contestants go on YTT. The kids try too hard and look too professional and the whole thing comes across as very forced. Its a bit like Glee and I hate that too!

  4. It could do well on fridays, but not at 7pm against H&A, 7.30 would be more sensible but i guess smart thinking is too much to ask from whoever is making these decisions. I really hope it does continue, because as has already been said, these kids are really talented & deserve it.
    I actually think some of the issues with some shows not rating as well as they could be this year is timing problems. For example, the weekend before last was glorious weather in Melbourne, the Grand Prix was on & it was a long weekend, at 6.30 many people would have been out enjoying the sunshine than sitting home watching Tv. Maybe some of these shows should start in winter when people tend to get home earlier, up against the footy on sat night might work as it gives the kids & non sports viewers an alternative.

  5. @cglenn1988: The only reasons some of the shows you’re thinking of are doing better than Revenge in the US, is because they’re on CBS and everyone in America watches that network like lemmings.

    Two examples I can think of, NCIS:LA and Hawaii Five-O. They get big ratings in the States but in the past few weeks these shows have struggled to crack 500k over here (although NCIS:LA finally gained some momentum this week).

  6. @guy @secret_squirrel

    Couldn’t agree more! So many knee-jerk reactions and not looking at the core problem: the 6:00pm slot every night of the week; it should be a half-hour local news service, and not directly preceded by any other news service – it must be standalone. The Project’s 3 problems are: it’s in the wrong time-slot (should be 6:30pm); it is a half-hour too long; and it should only be on weeknights.

  7. bettestreep2008

    YTT has suffered because it’s lead in is getting woeful ratings.

    Maybe they should have ditched The Project instead?

    Seriously – YTT is going to be destroyed by BH&G and the footy – and a very talented group of kids are going to be sacked as a result of another stupid decision by Ten management.

    BTW – what happens to Glee now? They have been mucking around with it’s timeslot so much it is eventually going to end up on Eleven.

  8. The move makes sense. The Biggest Loser always had a Sunday show until this year. YTT should have been on during the year after TBL. It could have been a great Saturday show too. TBL should keep the Friday editions and have YTT at 7:30pm. Glee has one more episode before going on a break with no new episodes until after Easter so YTT will fill the gap. YTT does attract a very young audience plus they have plenty of talent and no nasty judges.

    BTW Friday is not a wasteland or where shows go to die. Better Homes and Gardens is doing well on Fridays as well as the NRL. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is one of ABC1’s top shows and doing well. Even New Tricks did well last year in the same timeslot. Pity Ten isn’t doing so well, they have some great shows and some US shows are doing much better than Revenge in the US.

  9. David Mott needs to be fired from Channel TEN. Sorry to be blunt here but he has no idea what he is doing. He has run the network into the ground. James Warburton is a good pickup but its going to be a very very long road ahead. Nothing at TEN has changed. They still target the young demos and now they are falling apart at the seams. They need a brand new image and the current image change has backfired. YTT isn’t a good show but i can see the appeal to the under 18’s and their parents. 3 seasons? Its possible but unlikely.

    If TEN think The Shire, Lara Bingle and The Living Room is going to help them then this shows the stupidity of Mott. He is scraping the bottom of the barrel hoping it works. It reminds me of Channel Seven back in 2004 when they crashed hard. Problem is TEN has crashed and i don’t think can rebound.

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