CBS renews 15 series

A pile of favourites are back: NCIS, Amazing Race, CSI, Good Wife, The Mentalist & Criminal Minds but CBS is "still talking" on one.

CBS has renewed a pile of its hit shows and left one of them, Two & a Half Men, still in discussion.

The shows are:

The Amazing Race,
The Mentalist,
Person of Interest,
Criminal Minds,
The Good Wife,
Hawaii Five-0,
Two Broke Girls,
Mike and Molly,
Undercover Boss,
60 Minutes,
Blue Bloods,
48 Hours Mystery.

The network said it is in “preliminary discussion” regarding future seasons of Two and a Half Men, with contractual discussions likely delaying the expected renewal. Ashton Kutcher has not yet sealed a deal to remain with the series, but assured PaleyFest attendees this week that he “wants to work with these guys” and was waiting to hear from “the powers that be.”

Yet to be announced are the futures for A Gifted Man and Unforgettable.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. @victweety. CSI:NY wont be renewed. good wife only got renewed for syndiction, the reality shows are much cheaper to produce and UB rates better than CSINY. and TAR rates a lot better. TAR usually gets 2.9-3.0, UB about 2.0, and CSI:NY usually gets about 1.7.

  2. CSI NY rates better then The Amazing Race, Undercover Boss and The Good Wife, so hopefully it gets renewed. Even a shorter season like the current one will be better then nothing.

  3. David: to clarify, only classic CSI has been renewed; CSI: New York and CSI: Miami is still to be confirmed, along with he Rules Of Engagement, ¡Rob!, Two & a Half Men.

    (Source: AV Club)

  4. @ Joe S – that is only because it is on TEN. If it was on Seven they would be getting 800k an episode easy. In the U.S. for the week 5th-11th March, it came 15/20 at 9,884,000 viewers (with 1st being American Idol at 18,692,000).

  5. Great news all round. I love The Good Wife and am glad it’s returning, and sitcoms TBBT and HIMYM have already been renewed.
    On the CSI front, CSI NY is expected to be in it’s last season (with it only just being renewed for it’s current one) and I’m not sure about the state of CSI Miami.
    Great to see Blue Bloods is being renewed for the third season, just wish ONE would hurry up and start showing season two.
    A Gifted Man is a great idea and the show itself isn’t half bad, but I can’t see CBS renewing it when it has such a full plate of hit shows already.

  6. @AEDDIE: Rules of Engagement was planned to end this season, not sure if it still the case. Been waiting ages for it to return from its current hiatus in the US

    TBBT was already renewed a while ago for two more seasons.

  7. The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, Amazing Race, Hawaii Five 0. Yay for all. Still watch NCIS but it’s gotten stale.

    I watch A Gifted Man too and the sad thing is both A Gifted Man and Unforgettable rate really well, highest viewers in their timeslot, but it’s the demos that will likely kill them. Bloody US and their damn demos.

  8. No surprise on Person of Interest with the numbers it pulls but great news nevertheless.

    Beats Homeland as my new show of the year, with only Awake as a possible late comer for the title.

    The rest of that list though…. Do. Not. Want.

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