Comedy jitters on ABC1

ABC1's comedy night is in big trouble, with viewers overlooking Woodley and rejecting Outland, so Seven takes out another win.

ABC had another soft Wednesday night, with Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight its only show over 500,000 viewers after 8pm.

The comedy line-up is in big trouble with viewers overlooking Woodley (331,000) and rejecting Outland in droves. The latter was just 168,000 viewers, less than At The Movies (235,000) and Lateline (182,000) -even Kitchen Cabinet (195,000) was higher on ABC2 in the same slot. Woodley, which is a charming piece of comedy, hasn’t hit the family audiences ABC wanted on Wednesday while Outland may have found a better home on ABC2. With one more week to go of the latter, there’s no point changing the schedule now.

Best for ABC1 was ABC News on 1.01m but it dropped to 572,000 for 7:30.

Seven again won the night with My Kitchen Rules on 1.72m and Seven News (1.16m), then Today Tonight (1.04m), Please Marry My Boy (1.01m), Home and Away (903,000).

Nine News (1.1m) topped Nine’s evening followed by A Current Affair (879,000), The Big Bang Theory (788,000 / 772,000 / 736,000). Sherlock Holmes movie was 567,000.

The Biggest Loser (849,000) held for TEN then TEN News (643,000), The Good Wife (555,000), The Project (456,000), and an NCIS rpt on 296,000.

On SBS ONE it was Arctic with Bruce Parry (267,000), Empire (253,000), and Luke Gamble’s Vet Adventures (185,000).

American Pickers on 7mate topped the night with 292,000.

Sunrise: 436,000
Today: 340,000
ABC News Breakfast: 45,000 / 21,000
Breakfast: 40,000

Wednesday 7 March 2012

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  1. I’m growing to really enjoy Outland. The first episode was pretty disappointing, but the series has definitely consistently improved with each subsequent episode. I’d happily tune in for a second series, although that seems very unlikely.

  2. I’m heartbroken that people aren’t watching Woodley. I find it laugh out loud funny, adorable and entertaining. I think it’s one of the classiest and original yet accessible comedies made on Australian TV. But seeing how many above disagree and the ratings, I’m flummoxed and dismayed. I could tell Outland would not be for everyone (but then I loved & thought Big Bang Theory was pretty damn niche and it has become hugely mainstream). And Outland is not perfect, but it is original with interesting characters and ideas and I’m loving the set design of each episode despite having obviously been made with a tiny budget. Episode 4 was an impresively stunning work of comedy / horror spoof. Surely both of these shows have more value than bloody breath testing shows!!! Why is everyone so quick to slam perfectly good comedies that are simply not to their own taste?

  3. @eeffdee

    I don’t have to know the history of comedy to know that what woodley is trying to do is comedy. He just isn’t funny. Yeah it was funny when Rowan Atkinson or Buster Keaton did it. Woodley just can’t pull it off. Until the enteratinment idustry stops and takes a good hard look at theproduct they are putting out. Instead of blaming the “audience intelligence” for their failures. Australia will continue the long line up of comedy/sitcom failures.

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