Easter premiere episodes

Easter non-ratings commences for 2 weeks from Sunday night, meaning many shows will suspend first-run episodes.

New episodes in primetime for next week include:

Sunday Night, The Force, Home and Away, Revenge, Royal Pains, Better Homes and Gardens.

60 Minutes, Alcatraz (double episode), The Footy Show. There will also be an Easter With The Australian Women’s Weekly special at 6:30pm Sunday April 1.

The Project, The Biggest Loser, New Girl, Bondi Rescue, NCIS: LA, Bondi Vet, Law & Order: UK, The Good Wife, Young Talent Time.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    @JoshM – yeah, I wouldn’t try too hard to apply logic in TV land if some of the scheduling decisions are anything to go by. Perhaps networks hope that the halo effect of their respective bragging rights (have a read of the spin/BS at the end of the year to see how each network is a winner) will cause some businesses to advertise with them without considering the actual specific data.

    @A – that’s an argument as to why you might hold over a popular show from being broadcast during when people are on holiday or whatever. Presumably any drops would affect the main commercial channels similarly so, if ratings are down, their down for everybody. Anyway, I’ve already written more than I should care about this, so it will have to remain a slightly irksome mystery.

  2. @ Adam93

    Thanks. 🙂

    Re: Easter ratings

    Isn’t the usual logic is that on holidays people go away or out so the ratings drop as they aren’t counted. So they don’t want the drop to be ruin their figures. I know one Australia Day they played Fringe and it dropped to 86,000 when it usually was above 100,000 . Sometimes above 150,000 . I didn’t note the Easter dates so can’t compare them. I know one March it was over 150,000 each week and in April it dropped to 110,000-129,000 . So I’m guessing Easter was probably around then.

  3. @Secret Squirrel
    Yes this is something that I have wondered about for a long time: What is the point of ‘non-ratings’ periods. Oz-Tam data is still released. Advertising is still sold. Advertisers still want to have people watching.

    Im sure there must be more to it, but the best that I could figure out is that it is not included in the data collected that makes up the official ratings year (I think 40 weeks of official data?). But that is really just bragging rights between networks isnt it? Advertisers care about the ratings of the show that they are advertising in, not who got the best ratings for the year.

    So ratings = advertising dollars, what is the point of non-ratings?

    David I would love for you to explain this side of the industry to us!


  4. Secret Squirrel

    Happy about Revenge and Alcatraz continuing.

    I think the easter non-ratings period is pointless. Advertisers still want to buy air-time so they’re still going to want to know audience numbers. Ratings are still going to be recorded and reported on, and any decline in numbers will presumably affect the running totals for all channels. Same goes the end of the year.

  5. Thanks David. 🙂

    If they repeat both episodes of Alcatraz on Saturday I might be able to see the second one. If they have a film that ends past 11.30pm I might be able to see two. Either that or repeat them past 9.30pm on Friday on one of their channels. Especially as there’s probably Supernatural and Q&A on Monday.

    David do you know why no Person of Interest? Have they run out of episodes temporarily? Or do they want to save them. I’ll admit I love the Friday repeats when they show up. I just wish it was all the time.

  6. That’s interesting that Revenge will have a new episode, wasn’t expecting that. But I did think they’d want to burn through parenthood. It doesn’t rate that well and the outlook doesn’t look good in terms of timeslot availability after Easter.

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