Excess Baggage, here comes the finale…

Is anybody still there?

Nine’s failed Reality show Excess Baggage reaches its finale tonight at 6:30pm on GO!

Last night it had 44,000 viewers still hanging in there. They deserve a medal, or possibly a set of scales they can symbolically throw in a suitcase like the contestants did on the show.

By contrast Neighbours had 257,000 and Dance Academy 96,000 in the same multichannel timeslot.

Like most of the nation, I have no idea how the celebrities have been faring with their weight loss (nor do I really care -which was essentially the problem).

The “Latest News” on the site’s website appears to have stopped on February 29, although  Facebook and Twitter remain active.

Some of the official tweets this week were:
-Woah!!! This is a VERY close game from here on in!
-It’s FAMILY DINNER time! And our teams are getting a spruced up.
-GRAND FINAL tomorrow people! Who’s excited?

In their defence, some of the Twitter followers reckon:
The contestants on @ExcessBaggage9 are looking fantastic! Losing weight in a realistic, achievable & maintainable way…

Woah… looking hot tonight ladies @lana_lakis @lusheslamour @ajayrochester and renae 🙂 good work

#excessbaggage wow the girls looked so beautiful and the guys eps Kevin HOT!

Just catching up on #excessbaggage @dipperinc and @lana_lakis you look amazing. So pleased for you all. #gorgeousall

#excessbaggage contestants looked amazing after their makeover girls stunning & boys so handsome K Fed looked gorgeous with a haircut

Ending the show tonight indicates how Nine had always intended the show to run: ie. a finale on the Thursday before Easter non-ratings.

Instead it has had to veer from side to side without a profile show in its 7pm timeslot. Ironically, it will have three Reality shows in the post-Easter battle. Nine should have mapped this out much better (refer: Seven Network).

We’re all better off when networks offer healthy competition. Bring on Round Two.


  1. Where was your live AEST blogging of the results? You have gone it for Foxtel programs that have had less viewers than Excess Baggage, or did you realise that next to nobody cares?

  2. Yes, Still hanging in there!

    I might add i gave up after the 1st episode, then picked it up a few weeks later on GO! and it was 10x better than the first episode.

    Its a shame really could have rated quite well with a few tweeks to the format.

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