Farewell for “Turps”

Family, friends and industry paid their last respects to Ian "Turps" Turpie.

Family, friends and industry paid their last respects to Ian “Turps” Turpie yesterday at Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium in Sydney.

Turpie, 68, lost his battle with cancer a week ago.

Mourners included John Burgess, Johnny Young,  John Deeks, Normie Rowe and theatre producer Dennis Smith.

A video was played documenting Turpie’s near 50-year-career in the entertainment industry.

Daughter Michelle said, “He was a passionate person and a much-loved father and grandfather,’’ she said. “I will miss him dearly.’‘

Another daughter Sacha recalled that he was prolific letter writer.

“There’s one letter to Brad Hazzard about the streets where we live and I will be sending it to him,’’ she said.

”Throughout his battle with cancer he fought incredibly hard to not let the pain and degradation defeat him,” Joshua said.

John Deeks, who worked with Turpie on The Price is Right, said: “He was our mate he was everyone’s mate, he said. “He could walk into any pub in Australia, and did, and within minutes would be knee deep in banter with the locals.”

Fellow game show host John Burgess said Turpie was a great entertainer who did his bit for the community.

“He loved life, he loved entertaining people,’’ he said.

“When he walked in the room it lit up. He had a heart of gold he did a lot of charity work right up to three-four weeks ago he was still doing stuff.”

Turpie will forever be remembered by viewers for The Price is Right, but his other TV shows included Supermarket Sweep, The Go Show, Bandstand, Swift & Shift Couriers and Housos.

Generations will always “Come on Down” for Turps…

Source: Manly Dailysmh.com.au

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