Hamish and Andy taking Euro Gap Year

In 2012 Hamish and Andy will travel through Europe and broadcast from a disused London pub.

Hamish and Andy’s 2012 series will feature the boys’ travel through Europe in Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year.

The show will see them on the road and broadcasting weekly from a disused pub in London, ahead of Nine’s Olympics broadcast.

“There’s so much to see and do in Europe, which will no doubt make us thirsty, so returning to the pub each week to air the show just makes sense”, said Hamish.

Whether it’s bus pulling, ice swimming or dropping in to a festival of snails, Hamish and Andy will be there to revel in Europe’s weird and wonderful pastimes.

While the boys will be in London in the lead-up to the Olympic Games, contrary to reports they will not be part of Channel Nine’s Olympic broadcast.

“We’ll finish just as the actual professionals get to town,” Andy explained, “which is a huge oversight by Nine. I’m sure any day now they’ll ask us to stay on to at least commentate on the doubles badminton.”

At time of printing no such request had been made.

Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year follows the success of 2011’s Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year, which averaged 1,045,000 viewers nationally and consistently won its timeslot.

“Last year’s show was a massive success for us,” Michael Healy, Nine Network Director of Television, said. “We can’t wait to see what happens when Hamish and Andy are unleashed on Europe.”

People will be able to raise their bier steins for the series premiere soon.

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  1. I wouldn’t call an average rating of over a million a nothing return. I’d be interested in where you’re getting your costings from as it looks like you just made them up.

  2. Nine are morons. They’re paying these guys millions for a free trip around Europe, after they paid them millions for a free trip around America. And get nothing in return in ratings. Hamish & Andy must be loving it

  3. Looking forward to this, they are better suited to roaming around rather than being tied to a studio all the time.

    Will be interesting to see what timeslot this show gets. While I understand the reasoning behind last year’s 8:30 Thursday timeslot (leading into The Footy Show AFL/NRL), I’d like to see this scheduled elsewhere.

    7:30 Thursdays?? Or even 8:30 Mondays after the Big Bang Theory hour?

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