Magic million out of reach

It was an uninspiring Thursday night of viewing with just one show over the magic million, Seven News on 1.13m viewers.

Seven had another comfy win. Today Tonight was 987,000 but from there it had split markets due to AFL commitments. The game pulled 665,000 in 3 markets and 484,000 for a Pre-Match broadcast and 287,000 for Post-Match.  On 7mate it managed 51,000 in Brissy and 40,000 in Sydney. Home and Away was 645,000 in 3 cities, Deal or No Deal was 487,000. Without AFL Seven ran Property Ladder (249,000) and a movie for 235,000 in 2 cities.

For Nine it was Nine News (943,000), A Current Affair (796,000), The Big Bang Theory (790,000), CSI (618,000), RBT (594,000), Hot Seat (501,000). Unforgettable (287,000) ran in three cities, and the NRL Footy Show was 228,000 in two. CSI: Miami was 182,000 in three cities.

The Biggest Loser was 691,000 for TEN then TEN News (651,000), Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (583,000), Melb. International Comedy Festival Gala (556,000) and The Project (487,000).

ABC News won its slot on 985,000 for ABC1 then 7:30 (666,000), Catalyst (588,000) and the final episode of The Straits (461,000).

How to Cook Like Heston premiered to 320,000 for SBS ONE followed by Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong on 295,000.

The Big Bang Theory topped multichannels with 295,000. The final Excess Baggage lifted to 95,000.

Thursday 29 March 2012.


  1. Shame more people didn’t watch The Straits. It was a good show.

    I actually forgot Your Gen was on last night. It hasn’t been on Thursday night all season so why would Ten put the final episode on Thursday. Stupid Ten programmers.

  2. @stevie g, much as I’d love 7’s audience to be exposed to something as edgy as The Straits, the chances of that network going with a drama like that are absolutely zilch.

    I loved the way the series ended on a cliffhanger, though, and am putting on my optimist’s hat that there’ll be a second series.

  3. Just caught up with the straits on i view
    It will do well in DVD sales and OS – those sweeping shots of the northern part of this country are breathtaking…good job all round ABC 🙂

  4. A sensational finale? for The Straits. I have loved this show but I guess it’s done. I particularly liked the cross section of actors ethnicity it is a bit more what we look like even if they lived surreal lives. It’s a real shame it didn’t get a bigger audience. Maybe it should’ve been on 7.

  5. I am losing interest in tv as shows are removed during a season for sport, Easter, programming reshuffles!

    With the start of AGT soon, the usual Tues tomeot, will mean more late starts for Aussie dramas like PTTR… Not happy

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