Molly for Logies Hall of Fame?

Could Molly Meldrum be inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame in just over two weeks time?

The Herald Sun reports both Seven and Foxtel have put forward his name for consideration by Logies organisers, which is a rarity (he is contracted to both broadcasters). His decades of bringing us music through the small screen is legendary. In fact, he isn’t in the ARIA Hall of Fame either. Why?

The recent emotional outpouring for Meldrum suggests it would be a popular choice, but much is likely to depend on his ability to attend on the night. Certainly a first public appearance by Meldrum at the podium would make for unmissable television.

Logies Hall of Fame currently has 24 men and just one female, Ruth Cracknell. Three shows have been inducted: Four Corners, Play School and Neighbours. Pay TV has minimal representation.

Countdown has never been inducted although it was honoured several years ago in a separate moment of recognition. Indeed there are many other shows that could be worthy inductees (Prisoner, Young Talent Time, The Sullivans …we could go on forever).

Despite the face that there are many who should be honoured by the Hall of Fame, Meldrum’s name should definitely be on that list.

p.s. ….and we still don’t have a host!


  1. It would be horrible form to give it to him this year. It would say “You almost died earlier, so we’re going to give it to you because we remembered how good you were.”

    Seven and Foxtel are just riding the wave.
    Give it to him on merits, not because he was thrust back into the main stage spotlight because of a medical situation.

  2. I have always said that Lou Richards should be entered into the Hall of Fame. Sports coverage in this country would not be where it is today without Lou. Also he has still been on TV until only the last couple of years. There is not many that have had longer careers then Lou.

  3. David, from this weeks TV Week “…while the glitzy ceremony’s telecast will be hosted by an ensemble of presenters, including Adam Hills, Shaun Micallef, Dave Hughes, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Mick Molloy.”

  4. As much as Molly is a deserved recipient and it would be a huge TV moment, I hope they hold off a year if he’s not up to it.

    I would like to see an individual and a show entered into the Hall of Fame each year, they seem like very different categories.

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