Oops. “Just remind her what mum does for a living?”

Embarrassing but funny moment for Lisa Wilkinson this morning on the Today show, when her mobile phone started ringing.

So naturally, Karl Stefanovic answered the call only to discover Wilkinson’s daughter Billi on the other end.

“No darling, your mum’s still on air,” he said.

“Just remind her what mum does for a living?” quipped Wilkinson.

“Mum’s on the Today show. She’s been on it for 5 years?”

Too cute….

Here is the clip via News Limited.


Update on NineMSN: “She leaves her phone on the set all the time, so it was all about teaching her a lesson,” Stefanovic told ninemsn.

“She fell for it hook, line and sinker.”

An embarrassed Wilkinson is now planning her revenge.

“Clearly Karl’s an excellent liar, and Ben is too,” she joked.

“I didn’t pick it, and I normally do.

“Georgie (Gardner) and I are cooking up something up as we speak.”

Wilkinson said that the others also have their phones on the set to allow them to keep up to date with the newswires, but she had turned hers off before going to air.

“My phone wasn’t on — they switched it on,” she said.

“That’s why I was so shocked.”


  1. I think people need to read the full article before commenting. LOL @ picturing a lot of you people only reading half the article, before coming so full of rage you just had to post your comment.

  2. They’ve admitted it was a prank, I think had they not and someone else found out then it’s being fabricated.. Kyle & Jackie O get away with fake callers/competition winners every day but they still are #1 Sydney radio show and rake in the cash.

  3. These morning shows are desperate. Anything from giving away cash as an incentive to watch to staging fake shenanigans in order to appear light-hearted.

  4. Have you peple all lost your sense of humour?

    Its just something a little bit silly, so have a quick laugh then go back to complaining about those “damn kids on your front lawn”

  5. It was actually a prank cooked up between Karl & Ben. It was Ben on the other end of the phone & Lisa was also suprised as she had turned her phone off before the show started…..Check out their website or Facebook….

    • I went to Today site before filing the story to see if there was a clean video, but I didn’t see anything. If this is a prank then the easy answer is for social media to start ignoring Today moments, in case they aren’t actually genuine. Can’t see anything on Facebook either.

  6. I’m with you @deedeedragons – If she’s been doing it for 5 years, you’d think she’d know to swich off her phone while on air or better still not have it on set!

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