Paris Hilton bans Channel Seven -then lifts ban.

You’d almost wear it like a badge of honour, really…

Paris Hilton, currently in Australia on a promotional visit (as opposed to?) was so put out by a question from Sunrise reporter Edwina Bartholomew that her people have banned the network from any questions on the red carpet at Star Casino.

Hilton is here for the opening of a new nightclub at the Casino with partner DJ Afrojack, but during a touch-and-go interview, Bartholomew asked her “What about when you’re not famous anymore? What are you going to do?”

“I have family, I want to be able to have children and have a normal life and be with my kids,” she replied.

But afterwards her people told Bartholomew the network was now under a blanket ban. That’s the same network that once screened The Simple Life in Australia. That’s gratitude for ya….

“Evidently when you’re famous for being famous, the very thought that one day you may not be famous is too much to bear,” Bartholomew told Sunrise.

You can catch the full video here.

UPDATE: Paris Hilton email to Edwinda Bartholomew:

Hi Edwina,
It was great to meet you yesterday. I just heard that someone told you I was upset with the interview and that you aren’t welcome at the event tonight. I thought the interview went well, maybe someone else was unhappy but I wasn’t. Please consider this a personal invitation from me for you to join us tonight. Hope to see you there!

xoxo Paris


  1. Nice of Paris to follow up with an email. But why is she here anyway. I know its a promotion thing but why do we need Paris. Do you see the US get our stars over for promotions.

    I still reckon the best ever interview was in 2000 when Roy and HG had her and her sister on there olympics show.

  2. Paris who?

    Soooo last century I would have thought. Why on earth would the nightclub have invited Her? Maybe she’s going cheap, so to speak.

    And should Channel 7 give two hoots?

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