Renewed: An Idiot Abroad

Sod off. Whinging Karl Pilkington has agreed to a third season of An Idiot Abroad.

It could become harder to believe his constant whinging, given Karl Pilkington has agreed to a third season of An Idiot Abroad.

But who’s complaining…?

Pilkington is sent to far-flung places around the globe for his travelogue series, but the show’s comedy relies on him never enjoying any of the local experiences (or at least telling us he doesn’t).

Writing on his blog, creator Ricky Gervais said: “We’ve basically only sorted the budget and a rough route at the moment, but it feels great to actually be working on it, and it means that Karl is in too deep to pull out now.”

Season Two is currently airing on TEN on Saturday nights.

Meanwhile, Gervais’s new sitcom Life’s Too Short has been sold to the ABC.

Source: C21

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  1. @Justin – ah, that makes sense and is confirmed by Ricky on his blog (I hadn’t read it for a while). He and Steve Marchant have a “rule” about not making more than two series of anything and I suppose that a two-part special doesn’t really count as a third series.

  2. Just to clarify, it is not actually a third season they are doing, but a one or two part special. It is called The Long Way Round (a take on Ewan McGregor’s series) and will feature Karl joined by Warwick Davis (the dwarf from Extras and Life’s Too Short). This was originally just a joke by Gervais, involving Karl going around Britain on a motorbike with Warwick in a basket or side-car. I don’t know if the show will actually use this visual, but it will be great if they do. The special will air around Christmas this year in the UK.

  3. He does look like in between a chimp and homer Simpson amazing. Havent yet watched the second season on Ten because of the poor time slot, if it stayed on ONE i would have watched it.

  4. There’s something slightly wrong about being entertained by Karl’s mild racism while he’s being poked with a stick by Ricky from the comfort of his office but it’s my one guilty pleasure. Not sure what the hook will be but there is prob a third series there.

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