Returning: Waking the Dead

The ninth season of Waking the Dead begins on ABC1 this Sunday night.

The final season for the Cold Case Unit headed up by Boyd and DSI Sarah (Trevor Eve and Eva Birthistle) began airing in the UK a year ago.

Detective Superintendent Boyd (Trevor Eve) isn’t thrilled to have DSI Sarah Cavendish (Eva Birthistle – Five Daughters, The State Within) join his team, but they both accept that they’re stuck with one another.

The two meet up with Dr. Eve Lockhart (Tara Fitzgerald) and Spencer (Wil Johnson) at the site where the car of banker Donald Rees has been discovered, though there’s no body. The team meet the frail, wheel-chair bound wife, Julie and her two children, Miranda and Toby. Donald appeared to be a hard-working man and a devoted husband and father, but he disappeared a month after he quit his job and withdrew 100,000 pounds.

Spencer shows Toby vision of an elderly couple, dressed in funeral garb, who were seen watching members of the family just before Donald’s disappearance. Miranda believes the old couple took their father.

The team visit a disgruntled ex-employee who took photos of Donald and his mistress, Denise Metcalfe and sent it to Julie. Denise is a slightly deranged woman who aims a shotgun at the team. Sarah takes Denise down a bit too aggressively. Denise reveals Donald accused her of sending an elderly couple to blackmail him.

The couple are identified as Ernst and Elsa Geiger and are missing persons. Their corpses are discovered at an abandoned paper mill. A WPC assigned to guard their home is killed when she walks in on an intruder trying to burn the premises. Did Donald Rees kill the Geigers? Is he still alive and on the run?

8:30pm Sunday ABC1.


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