Seven still in front

Even without the might of My Kitchen Rules, Nine and TEN couldn’t crack the magic million last night.

Seven was still way out in front on Wednesday, which is indicative of just how hard the road ahead is for their competition.

Without MKR the top show for the night was Seven News on 1.26m viewers, followed by Today Tonight (1.15m) and Please Marry My Boy (1.09m). Due to AFL commitments tonight, Seven had split-market programming at 7:30pm with Better Homes and Gardens (581,000) in some states and Border Security (569,000) repeats in others. The Amazing Race was 407,000.

Nine News had to settle for 998,000 as the best for Nine, followed by A Current Affair on 877,000. The Big Bang Theory (797,000 / 765,000), The Mentalist (623,000), and Mike and Molly (545,000) followed. The Footy Show aired in three markets to 411,000 and Unforgettable in two (249,000).

The Biggest Loser did well with 934,000 for TEN and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation saw a lift to 820,000. TEN News (684,000) and The Good Wife (543,000) followed. But The Project (412,000) slipped below The Bold and the Beautiful (414,000). An NCIS repeat was just 287,000.

ABC News cracked the million again at 1.01m for ABC1 but once again, even without MKR around there were no significant lifts for other shows. 7:30 was 615,000, Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight was 538,000, Woodley was 394,000 and Agony Uncles was 371,000.

Toughest Place to Be A… pulled 271,000 for SBS ONE and Wildest Africa was 264,000.

Heartbeat on 7TWO was strong with 319,000 for multichannels.

Wednesday 28 March 2012.


  1. MC promotions are done in a way we don’t know what’s going to be done this season. Therefore people may go to this and hold off on TB / CAA. But Seven has AGT to come. And yes easter period is kicking in.

  2. again!!!!! we need a good hard look at how OZ TAM come up with their numbers. i have never come across anyone who have had to do a survey or fill out any forms for OZ TAM. Please anyone out there tell me how they complie these numbers!!! need help to understand !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @Vinny – Mike and Molly – I think it’s more to do with demographics, same thing happened here on the Sunshine Coast last night. Nine had BBT at 7pm, WIN had ACA because of the local news. Then at 7:30 Nine & WIN had the same BBT ep, at 8 Nine had M&M while Nine went on to another BBT re-run, not the same as the one shown earlier on Nine. All other programs were on at the some times for the rest of the night.

    Its not the first time WIN has aired BBT in place of M&M and I wish they would stop it!

  4. This shows how weak Nine, TEN, ABC and SBS are. Despite Seven having a very average lineup imo they still blitzed them. I don’t think The Voice, The Block and Celebrity Apprentice are going to help Nine to be honest with you.

  5. @Vinny-Because WIN needs to loose 30 mins as they air ACA at 7pm due to local news. As TBBT rates much higher than M&M they drop M&M. Same everywhere else. Same with Nine O&O NBN.

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