Sunday battle between Seven and Nine

Nine's primetime shows charted over the magic million but Seven took out the first win of the week.

There were hits and misses across Sunday night as Seven took out the first win of the week. It was the eve before a public holiday in Melbourne, which is often a sign that numbers are down.

My Kitchen Rules, now on Sunday, was the night’s top show on 1.45m viewers. Next for Seven were Sunday Night (1.27m), Seven News (1.24m), Bones (1.11m), Castle (786,000 / 490,000).

Nine’s primetime shows charted across the magic million. Great Barrier Reef premiered to 1.17m  followed by the return of Sixty Minutes (1.14m), plus Nine News (1.13m), and The Great Mint Swindle held at 1.07m.

Modern Family (872,000) topped TEN’s night then Homeland (810,000 / 705,000), New Girl (783,000). Young Talent Time is down to 610,000 and The Project was 365,000.

ABC News (806,000) ranked first on a low night for ABC1. Great Expectations was 667,000, Waking the Dead was 587,000, Fry’s Planet Word was 458,000, and Compass was 247,000.

Becoming Human was 261,000 for SBS ONE and Brave New World with Stephen Hawking was 256,000.

The Big Bang Theory (246,000) on GO! topped multichannels.

As Melbourne ends a long weekend tonight, numbers for tomorrow could be very high.

Sunday March 11 2012

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  1. If Revenge is the top show, why would 7 mess about with it for another top rating show that is already rating well?? I don’t get it! If it ain’t broken it doesn’t need fixing!!

  2. @Guy, it could very well be true and there could have been some good points made in the story, but when the story is introduced as a “personal” opinion piece the story loses all credibility and I couldn’t take anything in cos all i saw and heard was a personal agenda from Peter Fitzsimmons. When’s it’s so biased, you simply can’t believe anything that’s said. It was disgraceful journalism. The very first episode of Sunday Night was great, it was serious journalism, then they brought in

    Jamie Durie and Molly Meldrum for fluff pieces and I switched off after episode 3. Watched a handful episodes since for specific stories, and they’ve all been tabloid rubbish. The show is no different to 60 Minutes and Today Tonight. That’s why George Negus was so good. Wish Ten had kept it.

  3. Some of those no.s are impressive.

    But I’m happy to just stick with Homeland and record Suburbatory, and wait on Once Upon A Time coming soon, when it comes to 6 to 12 Sunday night tv.

  4. You know what though regardless of what you thought of the sugar story if it was bias or whatever, it is true. Sugar is the biggest drug out there and is readily available to everyone. People don’t realise it as it is a so called necessity but its in nearly everything we eat.

    To last night MKR is down 400k on its last episode but its still a massive hit especially to TEN. I think Seven were trying to hit Nine not TEN but anyway the results were still there. Bones really picked up for its last episode for probably 15 weeks with DWTS and Downton due straight after Easter. I just don’t see any kinks in Seven’s armour at the moment.

  5. I’m surprised nobody commented that Sunday Night and 60 Minutes led with exactly the two same stories last night – first young tourists dying in Asia, then the leaking breast implants.

    Nine must be spitting chips. I switched off 60 Minutes as two doses of the same story was too much on one night.

  6. Poor TEN, Homeland is such a wonderful show, it should be doing MKR numbers. But it seems 7 can do no wrong at the moment!

    And I agree with JB, the Peter Fitzsimmons piece was utter rubbish. You cut sugar – you lose weight, well duh! Doesn’t mean that *all* sugar is bad for you.

  7. Loved the irony of the “sugar is killing us” bit on “Sunday Night” followed by the “gotta have lotsa sugar” angle on immediately-following MKR.
    Tue to form, Nine makes a sow’s ear out of a silk purse, thinking they can do better than the BBC with GBR.

  8. So TEN was once again caught in the crossfire between 7 and 9.

    Having seen the BBC version of Great Barrier Reef I was not impressed by their effort, having Karl stand on a tropical beach for a few minutes doesn’t come close to having Monty Halls (a marine biologist) actually swimming with the sharks. Karl should have stayed on the Today couch and left it to the professional. I mean what is it with Australia having to change a show like this? Yes I know Nine put money into the project but their version is second rate compared to the BBCs original, which aired 2 months ago.

  9. Geez all about bloody Melbourne isn’t it. Public holiday here in Adelaide too.

    Seven’s plan worked well, hit Ten’s numbers hard.

    And Peter Fitzsimmons needs a lesson in journalism. Chris Bath introduced his story saying it was “personal”. First rule of journalism is to be partial and unbiased. His report was all one sided, him blaming sugar for him being overwight, and saying how when he cut sugar he lost weight. They showed clips of him exercising. I suppose that has nothing to do with his weight loss. Was a terrible story, and was probably worse than his Brendon Fevola interview.

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