TEN talent search for I Will Survive

TEN has a new talent show in the pipeline that will see a performer given a role in the Broadway production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in the role of Tick (played originally by Hugo Weaving).

FremantleMedia Australia is casting for I Will Survive, modelled on similar talent shows such as the UK’s Any Dream Will Do. Participants will have to prove they are a ‘triple threat’ actor / singer / dancer.

According to audition info: “We start with open auditions, the most talented performers will then join us on the famous Priscilla bus as we retrace the steps of the box-office smash movie, from Sydney to Alice Springs, performing at each outback location on the way.

“Along this incredible ride our judges, mentors and industry professionals will challenge, train and critique each of our performers.”

The field is whittled down to a final four in Alice Springs who are flown to New York for three weeks of intensive training.

The show is yet to be announced by TEN, but there were online leaks via Media Spy and Theatre People this week.

How profile the show is remains to be seen.

It may well be a form of branded-entertainment such as Ultimate School Musical: Fame was for Foxtel, or even summer entertainment filler in the same way as It’s a Knockout.


  1. Au contraire, Josh777, I’m a 19 year old and I a) adore Priscilla and b) think this show sounds Fabulous. But then, I’m gay…

    I think something silly, fun and camp like this could actually do really well amongst women, and you’d probably rope in a lot of the gays too. Make it something fun – not dissimilar to RuPaul’s Drag Race – and you’d probably have a winner on your hands.

  2. I think the show’s too niche. I can’t wait for the day when networks are comfortable to commission niche reality shows for the digital channels. This would work well for that scenario but for Channel Ten, it’s not gonna work.

  3. Lauchlan Murdoch last year made millions of dollars of cut backs and changing the programming to get TEN back to it’s original target audience of teens and 20’s. I can tell you right now that if you say “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” to someone in this age group they will either not know what your talking about or simply say “the cross dressing movie” but not have actually seen it. The idea is definitely not flawed, and would most probably be an alright series, but for the 30-50 age group who have actually seen the movie. This program would be better off on pay-TV channel STUDIO or LifeStyle YOU, or even on Nine or ABC.

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