The Block 2012 couples revealed

Seven teams set to tackle Nine’s Reality series, The Block, have been revealed.

They include a mother and son and a father and daughter team.

They are:
Sophie and Dale, Newlyweds.
Brendan and Michelle, Youngest couple, married.
Larry & Jessie, First father and daughter team.
Brett & Rana, First mother and son team.
Brad & Lara, Dating.
Andrew & Mike, Brothers (pictured).
Brad & Courtney, Dating.
Updated: Dan & Dani, boyfriend & girlfriend

Only four will make it through to being awarded a property for renovation.

The South Melbourne properties used for the series are close to completion, including exterior facades.

The show will launch after Easter.

Source /photo: Daily Telegraph


  1. I think casting a reality show presents all sorts of issues. I wonder how many gay and multicultural applicants applied. I have never applied for any show but I have heard they have a rigorous process. Same as casting for Big Brother…
    I think it would be nice to have a diversity of characters from all walks of life, however I haven’t seen a picture of all ‘couples’ yet.
    As bettestreep2008 says: viewers watch it so the netowrk is encouraged to stick to a similar formula.

  2. Key word: after Easter. They have just started promoting the Block, whereas CA has been advertised for weeks!
    I am keen to see the Block and not CA. SO I will have to wait and see what the 9 programmers will do. The Mentalist is on 2x a week and has recently returned, whereas was promoted all summer and then not shown for 6 weeks…

  3. To all those people whining about the lack of gay couples, have you forgotten about Gavin and Warren, who were in Series 1? Also series 2 had a gay couple as well (I don’t remember their names now.)

  4. @Norm

    I was thinking the same thing but then remembered Celebrity Apprentice only ran for just over 3 weeks last year. Whereas The Block was dragged out for months!

    They could very well air CA first and then The Block all after Easter.

  5. I could probably bear to watch it if it was about renovating properties. However these “reality” shows are more about creating conflict and headlines so I doubt this series will be any different. Thats why people get sick of them.

  6. Seriously people, give it up! There does not need to be a gay person in every single show on television! I for one am happy The Block hasn’t cast a gay person/s. There are some shows where I think it’s appropriate that a gay person or character should be involved because it adds to the story. In this case, if people who apply who are gay and just aren’t as exciting as the other people who applied, then so be it. I don’t want to have to sit down in front of the tv and put up with a gay person in every single show just because they are considered a minority.

  7. Who cares (i.e. why all the commotion?) about seeing a gay person on TV? I want to see more ethnic minorities. Why not have an indigenous couple, person or another ethnic couple like Asians or a middle Eastern couple.

    Australia is not as whitebread and stuffed with caucasians as certain shows make it out to be (Home and Away, Neighbours, etc). At least some shows like SYTYCD and Masterchef have embraced ethnic diversity in the past rather than excluding them for no reason

  8. Really you are carrying on about a show not choosing a gay couple like it’s Affirmative action.

    Who’s to say the brothers aren’t the gay ones?

    I would be more worried that nine don’t think ugly people can renovate.

  9. There really should be better representations of all minorities, it’s just the seemIng lacking of a GLBTIQ contestant hits home and if they were choosing based on a sample of the Australia population then one of their contestants should be gay. It’s important because it helps people associate us as not just stereotypes but fully-realized human beings. It may be 2012, but in my experience it’s amazing how little has changed. And that’s true about many other minorities too. Hopefully one of the contestants named is but if not, I admit I will be disappointed.

  10. Nine are promoting both The Block and Celebrity Apprentice at the moment. Does this mean that they’ll most likely run the two at the same time, with one at a different time slot then t was last year. I thought they’d both be on at 7pm weeknights as it was successfully last year, with The Block and then Celebrity Apprentice.

  11. Somehow I really doubt that the ratings last year were due to it being an all white cast.

    Also, let’s stop bagging a show for leaving out specific minorities.
    Should every show have a token gay person/team?

    As has already been mentioned, maybe there is an LGBT member in one of the teams already?

    The fact that we’ve come to expect a token gay character/team means that we’ve already been shown plenty in the past.

    As a gay person I’m not offended by casting like this, what is more offensive is that people want a gay couple on just because because they’re a gay couple, as though that’s all they see them as.

  12. Really? People are bagging Nine for not having a gay couple?!? Seriously?!
    A gay couple/gay character on a reality TV show is about as cliched as it comes, and something The Block has done in the past.

  13. bettestreep2008

    Looks like they have selected another group of white anglo-saxons.

    And before anyone complains about racism – choosing white anglo-saxons last year resulted in the highest rating (non-sports) show of the year.

    It’s the viewers who should be blamed for allowing this to continue.

  14. Again, 9 seems to think gays don’t exist. granted, there could b a gay lad or lass among them listed but what about a gay couple-shame on you 9

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