Todd Lasance, Jessica McNamee in US roles.

The Aussiewood invasion continues as two more young performers land new roles in US television.

Todd Lasance will play Julius Caesar in Spartacus, filmed for Starz network.

Lasance has had his eye on the US for some time, including when a judge was asked not to limit his ability to work in the States during a trial.

Caesar is described as having deadly intelligence and being a skilled swordsman who will begin his ascent toward the all-powerful ruler he will one day become. The busy Lasance follows other Aussies who have been cast in the New Zealand-based series.

Meanwhile former Packed to the Rafters actress Jessica McNamee has been cast in a new pilot of Scruples for ABC, joining Claire Forlani and Boris Kodjoe.

Based on the novel by Judith Krantz, Scruples centres on rich and powerful clothing designer Billy Winthrop (Forlani) in a world of sex, revenge and scandal. Natalie Portman is one of the executive producers. In a 1980 miniseries, the role of Billy was played by Lindsay Wagner.

McNamee will play Maggie, an ambitious celebrity journalist and Billy’s close friend. She also has a role in US feature film The Vow.

Source: TV Line, Hollywood Reporter, Deadline


  1. I never watched Packed…etal so i don’t know Jessica McNamee, but I really enjoyed watching Todd on Rescue Special Ops, and he was excellent on Crownies. I wish them both well, it’s always great to see our actors doing well OS. Todd should get a lot of work in the States once he’s there.

  2. Good to hear about both actors but i am with DAWILCUZ here. Todd Lasance seems to be in everything and its getting overkill. He is a fantastic actor but i just think its too much.

  3. Dont get me wrong, I think Todd Lasance is quite a good actor…but is getting a bit Todd Lasance overload isnt it. It seems he’s cast in everything these days…be nice to see some fresh faces get a role once in a while.

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