Wednesday not much fun for ABC1

Wednesday is proving to be a tough night for both ABC1 and TEN this year.

Without Spicks and Specks ABC is pulling lower numbers than usual, last night just 14.3% for network share.

It was a yo-yo night for ABC1. Despite winning at 7pm with ABC News (1.00m), it began to shed viewers with 7:30 (637,000) and Woodley (400,000) before lifting for Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight (508,000) and dropping away with Outland (210,000) and up for At the Movies (223,000).

Things were also tough on TEN. The Biggest Loser was best on 856,000. TEN News (773,000) had its biggest audience of the year (thanks to The Circle perhaps?), then Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (633,000), The Project (526,000) and The Good Wife (525,000).

The night belonged to Seven once more with My Kitchen Rules (1.8m), Seven News (1.21m), Please Marry My Boy (1.08m), Today Tonight (1.03m), Home and Away (937,000) and The Amazing Race (534,000).

Nine News led for Nine on 1.05m, ACA (886,000), The Big Bang Theory (767,000 / 724,000 / 692,000) and Sherlock (738,000).

American Pickers topped multichannels on 333,000.

Sunrise: 388,000
Today: 323,000
Breakfast: 53,000
ABC News Breakfast: 35,000 / 24,000

Wednesday 29 February 2012


  1. @ Victor I agree with many of your observations. ABC2 is a brilliant place to be edgy, innovative and take a few risks. Woodley and Outland are very niche and their potential audience is limited. Agree Adam Hills is way too nice and bland to be compelling. And what about ABC drama? If Wednesday cannot work as variety/comedy what about drama and put comedy/entertainment on the less cutthroat Thursday? Why does it all feel so staid?

  2. Maev....Sydney

    @ steve sydney…I would imagine the ABC ratings are important….because the advertiser would want to know how many ‘eyes on their ads’ they are losing….
    @ victor….totally agree with you about Kitchen Cabinet!

  3. Armchair Analyst

    there is nothing good on tv these days on Wedneday night. Since Gruen is not on yet the months ahead will be bleak for ABC. Ten is just does not have anything i would watch on Wednesday night. 11 is the only positive for Network Ten Holldings, i still like the Simpsons. Last night i continued viewing the Charmed season 8 dvds, that is better then the most of the content.

  4. Wish QI was on at 8pm Wednesday instead of Friday. Oh well there’s always internet surfing instead.

    Also I forgot to mention there was an ad for Robert Downey, Jr’s first Sherlock Holmes film being on next week during the excellent Sherlock. I just wish they’d stop cutting out the end credits (or shrinking them and changing the colour ) and music. It does not make me want to stay: just the opposite instead. They’re lucky I knew about Person of Interest and I wanted to know what happened. Otherwise I would flick over as I normally do.

  5. What are the programmers doing at the ABC? There seems to be a complete lack of understanding of the audience across ABC1 and ABC2. Woodley is not an 8pm show. It would work better at 9pm. Outland has terrific potential but is too gay and silly for the old skewing ABC1 audience. It should have started on ABC2 which is where the ABC should really focus on youth, niche and provocation. In Gordon Street Tonight also would work better in a later time slot but it seems to have a dog’s breakfast of guests and tries to do too much in too little time. Adam Hills is just a little bit too nice and not quite interesting enough to sustain this format.

    Meanwhile the show which may work at 8pm on ABC1, Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabb is on ABC2. It certainly is on the wrong ABC channel. What is happening here?

  6. Since the ABC doesn’t collect revenue through advertising.. does it really matter whether they do well or not in the ratings?

    It’s an old argument i know..

  7. Woodley is a laugh but after that I fired up the old PVR.

    I’m a big fan of TBBT but Nine has seriously over used the show this year. Do we have a running total of how many eps they have aired on Nine and GO! since Jan 1st?

  8. Yay! For American Pickers, I’ve only recently discovered it and really enjoy it. I guess it explains why its also on tonight.

    Its a shame about ABC1. I really enjoy In Gordon Street Tonight. Though I think MKR not finishing to 8:45pm doesn’t help.

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