WIN TV weatherman hits out at “unprofessional claptrap” from breakfast TV

Earlier this week WIN TV weatherman Peter Byrne let rip at weather reports from the “southern media” after a breakfast TV forecast of 200km winds for northern Queensland.

“More unprofessional claptrap on what they portray as Breakfast television….”



  1. The best by far weatherman on television who worked at the bureau for many years is not afraid to speak the truth and doesn’t need the job, there has never been a accurate prediction of a Tornado ever in this country and Jeff D is obviously getting his facts just a little confused.

  2. Rockhampton media is suggesting there are storm clouds over Byrnse’s future after he stormed (more puns) out of the station on Tuesday after a disagreement with someone at WIN over Monday’s weather.

    Yesterday he said management wasn’t happy.
    “Given the short, I won’t have a job here. That’s about all I can say.”

    Any PR is good PR!

  3. Pete u r brilliant my man!
    I am sick of reading and hearing about the “disaster about to befall us” every other day from some idiot looking at the “bom” radar website

  4. Peter Byrne is a deadset Legend! He has lived Weather his entire professional career and I would believe him over any presenter from the “Southern Media” Even when the On-screen graphics are wrong he knows pretty much straight away… I Hope WIN TV stand by their man! 😀

  5. Petes ok, his an old legend in regional QLD tv and often speaks his mind. He obviously hasn’t noticed Ten’s new morning breakfast show has Cairns placed where Mackay is on the weather map, lol.

  6. Since the report on Monday night, he has not been on air. WIN produces a number of local bulletins for the 6.30pm slot for different Qld markets all from the Sunshine Coast. This recording is what he said on the Sunshine Coast version. Also virtually the same monologue was shown in FNQ – so it obviously had quite a bit of thought put into it as that news would have been recorded much earlier. Massively bad timing with residents on the following night saying how the winds in Townsville were >200 kph.

  7. I think it was just a poor lack of a misread by Mr Byrne of why the southern forecaster forecasted such strong winds. Mr Byrne was likely considering only the basic elements such as the low and failed to analyze forecast skew-t diagrams (soundings of the atmosphere) for that particular day which I assume gave indications of strong instability and vertical and directional wind shear. That would be the only reason to have forecasted such strong winds and I don’t really see it as unprofessional if that was the intention of the southern forecaster.

    The most unprofessional forecasting by a weatherman was by Gary Youngbury last year after the Brisbane floods. He stupidly looked at forecast models himself for 2 weeks out and then told on air that there could be a cyclone for Brisbane 2 weeks later, when any proper weather forecaster knows that those models are almost 0% accurate 2 weeks out. He should’ve been given the flick for that.

    But on this occasion, the forecaster got it right, and Mr Byrne I don’t think understood exactly what his forecast was about.

  8. I do get his point, the breakfast shows tend to sensationalize weather events and not just for north QLD. They when something happens they fly in for a few days and a week later it’s forgotten by those not affected.

    I guess he’ll have to eat his own words in this case.

  9. Secret Squirrel

    I’d be interested to know whether the “southern breakfast TV weatherperson” said that there were going to be 200kph winds “throughout” or whether it was something more specific like “up to… in some areas”.

    Either way, it wasn’t a tornado, mini or otherwise, that hit Townsville. Most likely it was a micro-burst which is a very intense and localised destructive wind. The level of destruction is commensurate with winds of up to 200kph so +1 to the southerners.

    @zanofc – methinks your reverence might be a little misplaced. Perhaps Mr Byrne has been out of the professional arena too long. He did will to get both feet in his mouth at the same time.

  10. So let’s see.
    “….a breakfast TV forecast of 200km winds for northern Queensland” described as “More unprofessional claptrap on what they portray as Breakfast television”.
    Within 12 hours cyclone-strength winds demolish parts of Townsville.
    Did he “forecast” this? No. Seems to be quite an unreliable weatherman.

  11. Good on you Pete.

    For those that don’t know Peter is one of regional Queensland’s most beloved weather presenters and he speaks with authority as a former meteorologist in Townsville with the Bureau.

    He is often critical of the way national television stations sensationalise weather especially during cyclones and regional Queensland is really lucky to have two good weather presenters in the region with Seven’s Livio Rigano also well respected by viewers.

    Pity some of the breakfast programmes Pete speaks off didn’t put real weather forecasters in the job rather than d grade host wannabes.

  12. 11 hours after this bold assertion Townsville was wiped out by a tornado Does this guy have a clue what he’s talking about… Or is it Bruce Gordon moonlighting as a weatherman?

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