YouTube is upstaging Broadcast TV

This Sunday night 60 Minutes has an Anderson Cooper interview with Adele. -but it's already on YouTube.

It’s no secret that if you want to see something from overseas, chances are you can turn to YouTube before its Free to Air premiere in Australia.

The site has a plethora of content available, frequently before it airs on our television screens.

Graham Norton interviews? Check. Survivor recaps? Check. Homeland episodes? Check

This Sunday night Nine’s 60 Minutes has an Anderson Cooper interview with Adele.

But it’s already on YouTube.

And unlike Bit Torrent files, the site is legal.

Producers and Programmers are going to need to become more savvy when it comes to international content. At least there’s a good chance the Aussie shows won’t be leaked first.

But as domestic television sets begin to tap directly into the internet, Producers are going to have a hard time keeping up.

Last night TEN got its own back, by screening a YouTube campaign to arrest Ugandan guerrilla group leader, Joseph Kony.

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  1. I used to get my Craig Ferguson fix from YouTube, but since it’s broadcast here only hours after the US, it’s easier to get it live now.

    Apart from that I only watch brief (usually officially released) clips. Some of which are occasionally posted on this site, of course.

    Of course, I also have been known to source entire seasons of TV from elsewhere. But then, so do people who work in the TV industry (sometimes they’re the culprits who provide it) so I feel very little guilt over that.

  2. I watched this Adele interview over 2 weeks ago on the CBS US website, it aired before the grammys show. Very good, but typical slow coach Aussie approach to it. Do 9 think everyone is still on dial up?

  3. YouTube does geo block videos and they are quick to pull down videos if requested by the copyright owners. Australian TV networks will probably have to do some sort of deal in order to prevent Australian audiences seeing certain things but I’m am guessing this will be more trouble than it is worth.

    YouTube is also great for seeing TV shows that haven’t aired here in years and that you can’t get on DVD.

  4. If they didn’t want people outside the US seeing it on YouTube then why not geo block it, although I know a site that can get around that LOL also if it’s unauthorized then they can have it taken down.

    There is a fine line between what networks/studios allow and in general they don’t mind promos and trailers as they tend to promote the products.

    Also shows like Conan on TBS the interview clips can be viewed freely on there own site (not youtube) and often before GEM airs them.

    It’s a brave new world, networks and studios need to fully embrace it because for every video site that is blocked someone will come up with a way to get around them.

  5. YouTube is great!! Without it I wouldn’t have been able to watch RSO series 3 until months later and I certainly wouldn’t be able to be watching the brand new series of bondi rescue!! It’s also great for watching vintage programmes! I realise tv companies hate it because of their precious ratings but as I’ve said before they’re not a true scale of who is watching what!

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