2.37m as The Voice gives Nine another big win

Nine's The Voice stumps up with another 2.37m viewers, pushing Australia's Got Talent back to 980,000 viewers.

The Voice continues to overwhelm weeknights, having now charted over two million viewers for all three of its performances.

Last night it pulled 2.37m viewers, pushing Australia’s Got Talent back to 980,000 viewers. The Biggest Loser was 761,000 for TEN but Bondi Vet sank to just 399,000.

A late-starting new episode of The Big Bang Theory was the night’s second best show on 1.5m viewers while The Block took third on 1.3m. Two Broke Girls was 881,000 (even eclipsing Rafters in the demos) but Top Gear was 347,000.

Nine pulled another big share over its rivals with 37.6% to Seven 26.1% and TEN’s 17.0%.

Best for Seven was Seven News (1.3m) which bettered Nine News (1.16m) in all cities except Sydney and Melbourne. Monday’s win for Nine was clearly bolstered by a “million dollar question” on Hot Seat.

Today Tonight (1.14m) also pipped A Current Affair (1.11m). Home and Away had to settle for third place with 929,000 viewers. Packed to the Rafters lifted above AGT to finish with 1.12m. Parenthood ended with 508,000 / 343,000 for two eps.

TEN was unable to rise above The Biggest Loser‘s 761,000 with TEN News on 718,000. NCIS was 508,000 / 531,000.

ABC News managed second place in its timeslot for ABC1 with 972,000 then 7:30 (543,000), Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple (519,000) and Country Town Rescue (503,000).

Who Do You Think You Are? featuring Vince Colosimo was 435,000 for SBS ONE then Insight (191,000) and Dateline (187,000).

Neighbours topped multichannels with 244,000. Californication was 72,000 and Nurse Jackie was just 56,000.

Sunrise: 373,000
Today: 341,000
ABC News Breakfast: 46,000 / 19,000
Breakfast: 34,000

Tuesday 17 April 2012.

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  1. Annnd the general trend with The Voice overseas, is that the blind auditions do better than the actual main competition, but at the end of the day, it will come down to the chosen talent as to where the figures will go for the show and whether the viewers will remain transfixed with it. Just have to look at the last two years of X Factor for a good example of this.

  2. Looks like Channel Nine has ordered their “staffers” to give the station a much needed ego boost.

    While the ratings for “The Voice” has dumbfounded me, I get enjoyment from the Channel Seven haters who are delusional enough to think Nine is back to its former powerhouse. Case in point from Ronnie “It’s amazing how 1 mega hit like this for Nine can expose the cracks in what has seemed to be an invincible line-up at Seven”. Ronnie, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to talk facts, like at Nine’s endless flops because there have been many. Aside from “The Voice”, the only show Nine has had any success with is “Underbelly” but that got its lowest ratings last year.

    I predict “The Voice” will share the same success as Big Brother, Australian Idol and Masterchef. In other words, unstoppable during its debut season and then a massive decline thereafter.

    Nine may be getting 37% audience share now, but that’s exactly what Seven got at the start of the year for three months straight.

    In closing, post-Olympics will ultimately reveal whether Nine or Seven has won the year. I’m going with the latter.

  3. Shame about NCIS.. in the US nothing served up by the other Networks can put a dent into it’s ratings and it usually tops the demos as well for the night.

    I think TEN’s promos for last night’s ep didn’t help at all. Some strange comic book theme??? Surely it could have been marketed differently no?

  4. @ Guy I think it’s safe to assume Seven wont change anything. They will just stand by their tired old slate and hope it turns around. Far be it from Tim Worner to reinvent the sked. LOL.

  5. Am enjoying the Voice, but what happens after blind auditions? Does it become like X Factor? Must say Seal, Joel and even Keith are great. Delta does my head in and is not genuine at all.

  6. Its great to see The Voice do well. I love the show so far but I find it funny that Nine fan boys are saying Nine is back. Yes they are back but its only been 3 days. It will take weeks and weeks and weeks before Nine is back. Until then Seven are still in front. Does anyone actually remember the first quarter? Seven dominated big time. This is only the start for Nine and now they have to go on with it in the coming months. I don’t think they can to be honest with you. Once the hype wears off we have seen where Nine’s shows have ended up. People seem to be forgetting this.

    The Voice has shown big drops after the blind auditions in the US and other countries so i expect the same here. Its good to see Nine doing well, finally there is some competition, but its only the start. If i were Seven i wouldn’t be moving a thing. Wait it out and see what happens.

  7. @Craig, I believe it was September 2010 when Nine last won a week during actual ratings.

    I’m still interested in where Nine will slot Tricky Business.
    Assuming The Voice runs on only a Monday/Tuesday on Nine, I think having Tricky Business following it makes sense.

    Celeb Apprentice numbers for tonight will be interesting.

    Nine are having a great week so far.

    As for Seven, AGT doesn’t deserve the ratings it has got over the last couple of years, mainly because of Kyle and McFadden, and PTTR is past it’s prime.

  8. For me this show is part Idol and part X Factor with a hint of AGT and It takes two. The ‘coaches’ egos, the backstories of down on their luck individuals and dashed hopes and dreams and the music itself all are helping this show to be the mega hit it is. I thought that auditions generally don’t rate that well – i guess the novelty factor of the blind audition has worked well. Once the next stage kicks in and the elimination rounds, it stands a good chance of keeping its 2 million – it is a spectacular start. I’m not sure about having so many people on who already have had either recording careers or stage musical credits, but i guess the talent pool has to be trawled through to get the best – which The Voice is aiming at – no duds! I like Keith and Seal – not warming overly to Delta. We’ll see…

  9. I’m possibly the only one here who watched them but I thought that both Nurse Jackie and Californication were great. I was a little surprised that the writing for Calif’n was still as strong as ever, whilst remaining as moderately absurd and outrageous as ever.

  10. So who else here is waiting for the numbers to fall LOL

    Good on Nine for finally doing something right, not that I’m watching as I don’t watch reality shows like this.

    I guess this means Nine are set to win the week outright, when did that last happen during a ratings week?

  11. I am glad Rafters managed over 1.1 and did well in the Demographics considering the competition.
    They are its lowest ratings ever and I hope the show can pick up once the novelty of yet another reality show hopefully wears off. Nothing against The Voice, just the negaitve impact long term if it is a ratings success on Australian drama and all the related jobs-actors, dorectors, producers, script writers and so on…..

  12. I’m glad The Voice slaughtered Australia’s Got Talent!! I’m sick of seeing promos of AGT where Dannii Minogue does the overacting of how wonderfully surprising an act was!! Hope this show gets axed….

  13. David, Nine just said they scored 2.827m for The Voice and 1.909m for The Block. Are they twisting the numbers?

    Three nights in a row that The Voice scored over 2million: I think it might be here to stay. It’s good to see that 7 don’t have the monopoly this year. With the Olympics still to come, it might be 9’s year?

  14. Rafters will settle at the 1Million mark in what will now be its final season. It’s amazing how 1 mega hit like this for Nine can expose the cracks in what has seemed to be an invincible line-up at Seven. Seven’s very soft “family” friendly longform drama is very old fashioned and it’s way overdue for a revised strategy.

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