ABC News, Biggest Loser beat Home and Away.

Last night Home and Away had to settle for third place, behind ABC News and The Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser topped all three demos, reaffirming an appetite for Reality -yet it landed at #7 overall with Seven’s soap at #8.

Seven still won the night thanks to Seven News (1.13m), Today Tonight (1.07m), Home and Away (876,000) and Criminal Minds (513,000 / 456,000). At 7:30 5 Days in the Red Zone was just 383,000 in 4 cities and Better Homes and Gardens in Melbourne was 269,000.

Nine News (1.04m) led Nine followed by ACA (955,000), The Big Bang Theory (902,000 / 863,000 / 779,000),  Hot Seat (526,000), The Footy Show was 429,000 in 3 cities and The Mentalist was 348,000 in 2 cities.

The Biggest Loser (881,000) topped TEN’s night once more then Your Gen (661,000), TEN News (615,000), The Good Wife (587,000), The Project (414,000). NCIS settled on 363,000.

ABC News continues a winning streak at 7pm with 924,000 before dropping to 610,000 for 7:30. Gordon Street Tonight was 510,000, Agony Uncles was 361,000 and Woodley was 340,000.

On SBS ONE Wildest Africa was 322,000 and Toughest Place to Be A.. was 312,000.

Heartbeat ruled multichannels with 312,000

Wednesday April 4 2012


  1. Seven need to promote Home and Away more but give us more who done it or who is it storylines. At the moment its quite boring if you ask me. The stuff with Charlie late last year was great but now its just fluff again.

  2. Bruce Banner

    Is Pippa still on H&A? Bring back Sally and Sophie, maybe get Teagan and Viv back!

    Yes, it’s been 15 years since I’ve watched the show…

  3. 7 need to promote H&A, I barely see any promos for it these days, especially with stormy times ahead with Block and MC coming to the slot.

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