Airdate: ABC Open

Tomorrow night ABC News 24 adds a new magazine program ABC Open to its weekly lineup, with stories made by regional Australians.

ABC Open showcases a broad range of video stories, made by regional contributors who have been working with ABC Open to learn and develop skills in digital media.

The first program to air on ABC News 24 this Friday night, includes a stunning photographic essay from Wollongong contributor Michaela Werner about free diver, Erez Beatus. Viewers will also experience Uschi Steedman’s story about the high adrenaline sport of cross country mountain bike riding in the mountain country of Victoria.

Since the ABC Open website launched in September 2010 more than 10,000 photos, videos and text based stories have been contributed by regional Australians of all ages and walks of life.

A team of 45 ABC Open producers, based in ABC regional radio stations, support contributors by providing multimedia and storytelling skills training to people who want to connect with each other and the broader Australian community through the ABC.

“These stories show that regional Australians have great stories to tell and that they’re keen to learn about how to share their ideas and local knowledge through digital media”, said ABC Open Project Co-Director, Cath Dwyer.

“What you’ll see are stories that you don’t often see in national media. And, they’re well told, engaging and sometimes deeply moving stories which really hold their own when seen alongside the work of professional journalists”.

The program takes audiences behind the scenes to meet contributors and producers and see them in action.

“Our producers are bridging the gap between communities and the media. They’re a new type of media producer – part creator, part teacher, part curator. It’s a new model that’s not been tried anywhere else in the world and its building a new kind of collaborative relationship between the ABC and its audiences,” Dwyer said.

Friday nights from 6:45pm to 7pm & 10.45pm to 11pm AEST on ABC News 24.

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