Airdate: Agony Aunts

In the follow up to Agony Uncles, ABC screens Agony Aunts.

This time around we will hear from Judith Lucy, Denise Scott, Myf Warhurst, Wendy Harmer, Julia Zemiro, Mirka Mora, Sam Lane, Hannah Gadsby and Leah Vandenberg.

So we’ve heard from the Agony Uncles on how women want to be treated when it comes to matters of the heart…It was illuminating as much as entertaining with the Uncles disagreeing on everything from seduction techniques, to marriage proposals, to the best ways to break up.

Now it’s time to end the speculation and get to the truth of the matter…what do women really think about love and relationships…?

Enter the world of Agony Aunts, where narrator / interviewer Adam Zwar heads further down the river in his hilarious search for answers on dating, cohabitation, marriage, divorce and dating again. Will he find the answers he seeks or will he return more confused than ever? That’s if he returns at all.

Agony Aunts, charts the do and don’ts of picking up, falling in love, getting your heart broken and hopping straight back on the horse. Our Aunts are high profile Australian women plucked from the worlds of comedy, film, TV, art, radio and sport including; Judith Lucy, Denise Scott, Myf Warhurst, Wendy Harmer, Julia Zemiro, Mirka Mora, Sam Lane, Hannah Gadsby and Leah Vandenberg. Their brief is to help men as well as their fellow women navigate the difficult terrain of the modern relationship.

Agony Aunts promises to be every bit as wrong, insightful, inappropriate, confessional and funny as its brother, Agony Uncles.

The Aunts take us through the rough and tumble of single life, explaining to potential suitors exactly how they like to be approached, what conversations are likely to get them interested and the difference between a sexy man and a creepy one. Most importantly, the Aunts let us know how much time should elapse between them giving you their number and you calling it.

9:30pm Wednesday, 2 May ABC1.


  1. Mike, there were around 20 different Agony Uncles, some known, many not. Of course, the known personalities are the ones that end up in the press release. In any case, it’s obvious you haven’t watched the show or you would never have made the comment.

  2. I enjoyed Agony Uncles but please, please please can we get some different people on these types of shows? Generation, Agony Aunts/Uncles, the new Denton show, the new Brian Nankervis show – they all keep rolling out the same old comedians/personalities. Can’t the networks go out and find some new talent for a change? If someone took the time and money to invest in developing new talent they may just find that it ends up a good long term investment ratings-wise.

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