Airdate: Missing

Ashley Judd’s series Missing will premiere on Seven next week.

The series premiered in the US in March. There are ten episodes in the first season order and Seven will begin with a double episode.

It also features Sean Bean, Adriano Gianini and Cliff Curtis.

“Pilot / The Hard Drive”
At 8 years of age, Michael Winstone watched as his father, CIA agent Paul Winstone, was murdered. Now, 10 years later, Paul’s wife, Becca, is faced with the reality that her son is growing up when he leaves home to study abroad in Italy. But just a few weeks into his trip, Michael disappears, and Becca suspects foul play. When Becca arrives in Rome, she begins piecing together the clues left behind and it isn’t long before the kidnappers realise they’ve picked a fight with the wrong woman, because Becca has a secret of her own – before Paul’s death, she too was a lethal CIA operative. If she wants to find her son alive, she will have to rely on old friends and reopen old wounds. All of her resourcefulness, skill and determination will be put to the test – but a mother’s love knows no limits.

9:30pm Tuesday 1st May, 2012.


  1. @Carringbush and @Craig… The ‘Midday Movie’ on Seven for the past week + has been double episodes of Revenge… what is that all about?

    @Sharpy… one should never assume !!!!!

    @Craig… I agree, Seven have really missed the boat when it comes to “Once Upon a Time’… In the US the season ends in just under 2 weeks… Anyone who has had ‘excitement’ for this show would have found other methods to view the complete series (22 episodes) before it even goes to air in Australia… Just like Downton Abbey S2. They started promoting these shows in January 2012… tomorrow it is May 2012. Big fail 🙁

  2. As already outlined, I just don’t understand why Ch7 has a double-ep (or movie length) of existing shows starting at 9:30pm, (like Parenthood), let alone something new they (presumably) want an audience for.
    I know we’re all armchair critics but it seems ludicrous to me.
    Something that late goes straight on the PVR.

  3. Ah! not another double ep, what is it with Seven and showing 2 eps as a ‘movie length’ ep, they really screed the ratings for Parenthood by having the last few weeks as double eps, I wonder how many stuck around for the season (possibly series) final which ended some time after 11:30 last night?

    Not scene Missing yet, not sure if I will on Seven, might wait for the DVD.

    I’m really disappointed that the heavily promoted ‘Once Upon A Time’ still doesn’t have a time slot. One of the best new shows of the season, I’m sure many have already gone else where to see it since it started back in October 2011.

  4. I’ve seen the first few and if you completely suspend disbelief then its fun, there are some good action and fight scenes but the plot is a little ridicules. There’s also a strange as bath scene in the first Ep it was kinda like we really want to get Ashley naked how are we going to do it? and then someone with no imagination or writing skills plonked her in a bathtub.

  5. I guess they either want night owls watching this or people that like to record stuff. Because it could end near midnight.

    I’ll admit I wish they’d have you announce Once Upon A Time soon because I’d like to know if it’ll be on a time I can watch. Or to get the disappointment over and done with.

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