Airdate: The Hotel Inspector

TEN will screen UK observational series The Hotel Inspector in which a hotelier visits a struggling hotel and gives out advice.

There have been 8 seasons of this in the UK with Ruth Watson (pictured) in series 1–3 and Alex Polizzi in series 4–8.

At this stage it isn’t clear which seasons will screen on TEN.

This airs at 7:30pm Saturday May 12th.


  1. @onepotchef
    Me to I love the hotel inspector I doubt very much if ten will show 1 full series littile alone all 8 would be awesome if they did but it just won’t happen

  2. Seems more like a show for GEM, or ABC1 considering Ruth Watson’s other show ‘Country House Rescue’ is currently airing on ABC1. Seen every episode from when I had Foxtel anyway. Can be quite funny, but I am sure it will be edited and bleeped as both hosts are not afraid to be blunt and often use the F word.

  3. I love The Hotel Inspector. I’ve been watching it for years on Foxtel. I was always surprised it hadn’t made it to FTA, as it was sure to be a hit.

    Strange choice for Ten on a Saturday night. Good to see it being introduced to a wider audience though 🙂

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