Airdate: The Price is Right

The Price is Right is back on Seven from next week.

The show returns at 5pm Monday May 7th with perfect host Larry Emdur.

Given the advance appeal of the show it’s surprising Seven didn’t slot it into 5:30pm and move the ageing Deal or no Deal to 5pm. Is there really any doubt this show will work?

In any case, Lazza is excited.

On Twitter he said, “Finally! I can tell u (sorry I cldnt b4 now) Price is Right returns nxt Mon’ (7th) 5pm. Honey,bring me my fake tan & biggest teeth #8sleeps”

Come on down.


  1. Well after being at a recording and seeing how lame the prizes are, Im guessing it will be staying at 5pm…. Still a top show tho!! Needs better prizes!

  2. I think Channel 7’s plan is that The Price Is Right will give that horrid Deal Or No Deal a good lead in ratings…won’t work though,,,,I’ll watch The Price Is Right and will then tune into Hot Seat on Channel 9…….I’ve never liked Deal Or No Deal…..I just don’t understand the whole concept of the game….people opening up brief cases????

  3. Don’t know or care.Usually Working or on night off I’ll watch an old That Seventie’s Show episode on 7 mate.

    Rightfully even though Larry is at 7 now The Price is Right should have gone to Nine much earlier and we could have been spared from endless 2.5 men,Big Bang Theory repeats and now the Block.

  4. I would prefer Price is Right at 5:30pm as it means I can catch the first part of TEN news. Still I love Price is Right and looking forward to it!

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