Airdate: Wild Life At The Zoo

Filmed at Taronga Zoo, this 8 part series captures the intimate bond that exists between animals and their keepers.

ABC1 airs a new factual series next week as Alan Brough narrates Wild Life At The Zoo.

Filmed at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, the eight part series captures the intimate bond that exists between the animals and their keepers.

Produced by Imagination TV (RSPCA Animal Rescue) it also has footage of the birth of an Eastern Bongo calf. Yesterday the zoo announced the birth of the animal. Only 75 of these critically endangered species remain in the wild. This footage will air on May 30th.

The first episode features chimpanzees with other animals across the series to include Giraffe, Koala, Sumatran tiger, Kodiak Bear, Bongos, Gorilla, Elephant, Tasmanian Devils, and Seals.

After years of planning, the Taronga Zoo’s entire chimp community is on the move to a new state of the art sanctuary providing them with more room to roam. It’s no easy feat for keepers and vets as they try to relocate 18 of the zoo’s most dangerous animals, including a bunch of burly teenage chimps who are planning an ambush on the current Alpha male chimpanzee, Lubutu.

The move has attracted the attention of international chimpanzee expert Dr Jane Goodall who believes the new sanctuary is world class and watches with interest as the relocation could provoke riots amongst the chimps.

This process requires a team of vets who dart, anaesthetise, and restrain the chimps for the 300m journey to their new home but not all goes to plan as a routine health check on one of the chimps is marred by an emergency that throws the zoo on high alert.

Wednesday April 18 at 8pm on ABC1.

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