Airdate: XIII

Stuart Townsend stars as an amnesiac secret agent who seeks to discover his concealed past in this action drama.

FX will premiere French-Canadian series XIII, based on the Belgian comic by Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, and the game of the same title.

It stars Stuart Townsend as an amnesiac secret agent who seeks to discover his concealed past.

The action drama premiered internationally in April 2011. 13 episodes have been produced and it has already been approved for a second season.

An earlier miniseries XIII: The Conspiracy was produced in 2008 with Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff.

Known only by the Roman numeral he was assigned, XIII is a skilled and lethal secret agent who escapes from an Eastern European Rendition Camp with a surgically altered face and an identity handed to him by a mysterious stranger. Recruited to a secret organisation committed to bringing down the United States Government, XIII has no memory of his past, how he was trained or why. Hunted by a dark anti-government organisation, he quickly realises that the closer he gets to uncovering the riddle, the more complex and deadly the mission becomes. While living through an ever-evolving government conspiracy, XIII races to discover his true identity at any cost.

Sunday May 27 at 8.30pm on FX.

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