Ajay Rochester on Craig Ferguson, sorta….

She never made it onto Oprah as she had vowed, but last night Ajay Rochester did make a brief appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson with an Aussie friend.

On her Twitter feed the Excess Baggage winner said, “We went as punters and got dragged on stage! But was sooo funny! Hilair!”

Both were part of Ferguson’s opening gags with audience members, including several pot-shots at Canberra.

“Admitting to lesbian love tryst!!! Oooh errr!!!” joked Rochester.

You can see a crudely-shot video here.

The episode also featured Guy Pearce, in a more formal interview.


  1. Both Rochester’s and Pearce’s “quips” about the national capital has caused a fuss here in Canberra, with the result that on her blog page she tells Canberrans to lighten up, and then deals another aside on Canberra, saying that a fence should be built around Canberra and let the Hunger Games begin.

  2. Secret Squirrel

    I watched the show but didn’t know who she was. I only know of her existence from sites such as this as I don’t watch any of the “reality” types of programs, but somehow I had imagined that she was taller. For what it matters, I thought she accounted for herself quite well.

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