Bumped: NCIS. Update: Bondi Vet.

TEN is becoming very creative in its attempts to combat The Voice.

Next Tuesday night it has held off screening Bondi Vet.

Instead it will air a new NCIS from 8pm, followed by two more repeat eps at 9 and 10pm. Offspring will replay at 11pm.

A week later, Tuesday May 8, Bondi Vet resumes at 8pm.


  1. How about moving Bondi Vet back to Thursday nights where it belongs and where it rated best??

    Oh that’s right, we’re talking about TEN who never listen.

  2. I agree with Jennome. The only people who would want to watch three hours of NCIS is sixty year old housewives. Amazing such a crap procedural has lasted this long. Truly brain-dead stuff

  3. Ten throwing one of its biggest weapons at Nine, yet all I can visualise in my mind is someone throwing a water balloon at an aircraft carrier…

  4. I’ll only watch the new episode, I don’t watch repeats. NCIS is rapidly becoming Ten’s answer to Nine’s use of Big Bang Theory to plug holes in programming!

  5. If it is half an hour late then it’d be alright; if actually on time i.e. 8pm then I guess it’s for people that like to record things.I still don’t get the ABC News 24 awful prime time hour programme strategy. ‘Cos as a viewer I avoid silly times. But not a shock to anyone here.

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