Bumped: Titanic

Seven has pushed the third and fourth episode of Titanic back, with a new episode of Bones in play.

Seven has pushed the third and fourth episodes of Titanic back to a 9:30pm start on Wednesday night.

Clearly unhappy with the numbers for last week,  which were 720,000, it has now scheduled a new episode of Bones at 8:30pm instead.

With a double episode for the miniseries, it will be pretty late by the time the ship goes down.

Lucky we know how it ends.

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  1. Beleive it or not yesturday i did not watch the second mini part series of titanic. Why? because chanel 7 have played up by moving it to a different time slot without telling all of us well in advance…. Im sure by the end of this month you will notice that the ratings of the second part of titanic was much much lower then what it first was when it first apeared last week. Everyone nows what happens at the end. Because channel 7 likes to play around… we also will switch channels and give channel 7 last night a low rating. Just wait and you will see how bad the ratings where last night. Because its quite simple understanding… First of all why bother show titanic mini series just ones a week when its really not design for ones a week specially in this catagory tradegy event that happen to titanic. Its not titanic anniversary anymore until next year it was all way back last week. And seocnd because channel 7 change it to a late time last night. I wont be bothering watching the rest of the series the following next week either. Thanks. Hope this will teach channel 7 a big lesson next time.

  2. Ch7 deserve the bad ratings they are getting from Titanic, they spent months advertising that the series would play on the 100th anniversary but instead here we are nearly 2 weeks after, being treated like steerage passengers on the famous liner. they had the chance to show this series over the 10-15 and would have had a captive audience but with the series not rating overseas it was pushed back and of course we are treated like fools. ch7 lift your game and stop treating us like 3rd class idiots, the class system died with the sinking of the Titanic, and it just proves nomatter how big you are, its the simple things like an iceberg or no viewers that can sink your ship. (and rather quickly)

  3. I’m not satisfied how bad channel 7 has become. I new something would end up going on the wrong way… Plus titanic the mini series should of gone all thru night by night of last week….. Now it is less titanic feeling.. But channel 7 is doing this to set your mind longer.. But now they playing games that they want the series to show later… I believe channel 7 doesn’t no exactly what they want…. if they expect this wonderfull series of titanic been set at the correct time.. Lets not see them change it random to a later time… Plus i don’t like this ones a week series… This is titanic where its not really design for a very slow progress series to see what happens next next week…

    Channel 7 should do this mini series all thru the week not just ones a week… Its not anniversary of titanic this week no more.. its finished.. I would rather siwtch off the plug… sorry channel 7 but you should have put it all thru the week and stop playing with the time slots…

    Update: foxtel just few days ago on (universal channel) was showing Titanic 2.. i watch it and aparently it was one of the most stupidity and most rediculours movie ever made as recent.. they made todays life as in inside titanic… a really stupit movie.. i didnt like it at all.. it was more like babylon5 sort of to speak on titanic sort of to speak. It was nothing like 1912. It was set todays on titanic ship… making it out the ship is going to sink… as if no one new what history we are living on..

  4. Seriously TEN… sorry Seven. So may bad programing mistakes of late it’s hard to keep track. This should have run over 4 nights last week, maybe at 9:30?

    Guess a few PVRs will be running over time this week.

  5. How annoying, especially since Sevens version of 9.30 will probably be more like 9.50. They should split the hours back to two episodes then. At least it won’t clash with Offspring now.

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