Celebrity Apprentice producers knew The Hoff could quit

Viewers question a sudden exit by The Hoff from Celebrity Apprentice, as producers concede they knew he might get called away.

Celebrity Apprentice producers knew former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff was unlikely to go the distance.

Last night “The Hoff” quit after just three episodes.

The international star had been a drawcard for Nine’s Reality series, but in the boardroom scene last night he fell on his sword before Mark Bouris could fire anybody.

“It’s not a business commitment, it’s a personal commitment that I made to my family and it involves honour,” he told his team mates.

“In my life there’s only one thing above business, and that’s a personal commitment. This came up last night.”

Team mates were shocked by his announcement and viewers also reacted with surprise on Twitter as the show aired.

Tom Scott: So basically The Hoff was just a publicity stunt and just a 2 week drawcard to get viewers?!?

Laura Siddall: Sorry Australia, Bouris has nothing on Alan Sugar & the Hoff ‘suddenly’ leaving…smells dodgy to me!

Rob Varghese: The Hoff was contracted to #CelebApprentice for three episodes or until he was fired, which ever happened first.

Tim Verrall: The Hoff has jumped the shark

Selina Nisanyan: So now that the Hoff is gone, is it just back to The Apprentice?

James Tobin: channel 9 would be spewing with the amount of money they spent to get the Hoff and he’s already gone

Jake Smith: I definitely won’t miss #TheHoff .. Good riddance pal. Even the contestants had a Gutful of ya!

His exit raises questions about whether he had only been lured as a drawcard to help launch the series, and when Nine expected him to be leaving. That raises questions about fairness and hoodwinking the audience in a show that has a competitive element.

In a statement to TV Tonight a FremantleMedia spokesperson said, “We were aware that there was a possibility he might get called away as he had flagged this other personal obligation which could emerge during our schedule.

“Then midway through the series David revealed to Mr Bouris and the other contestants he had made a promise of a personal nature and had been called on to honour it.

“It was unfortunate but unavoidable.”

Indeed his exit also denied everybody an equitable board room elimination. Having participated in a hair styling challenge, he chose to quit before facing boss Mark Bouris. While his team went up for elimination, the final result was an anticlimax with nobody being sent home.

His sudden exit contrasts with other Reality shows that have featured big-name drawcards including former Baywatch co-star Pamela Anderson in TEN’s Big Brother. In that appearance, it was made clear to everybody from the start that she would only be a guest for several days.

But Nine and The Hoff made no mention to the audience that he may vanish.

As the limo drove off into the night, he said, “I feel Hoff-ful about leaving but I’m very proud to have been a part of Celebrity Apprentice.”

And in a possible hint of a re-appearance, he added, “Hopefully I’ll be back, sooner than you think.”

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  1. Maybe I’m morbid but the thing that springs to mind is that maybe someone he knows was sick and he flagged that if they got worse or died he would quit. If that is the case then who could blame him for leaving a silly reality show. Hopefully for his sake it is something less serious than this, but if it was something good like a birth then that wouldn’t even be a question, the timing would be pretty locked in. Just my guess but people shouldn’t be too harsh unless they actually find out the truth and it is a lousy excuse.

  2. My question is he went home because of a personal committment. Wouldnt he have known ahead about this so why commit. I know he raised a lot of money for the starlight foundation but I had a feeling he wouldnt hang around.

    Well at least he took his ego with him and I bet 9 splashed the cash for him as well. They arent getting the numbers as it is so it will be interesting to see how they go without the hoff.

    I dont reckon Mr Bouris would fire him anyway as he would have wanted to keep him on for ratings.

  3. These reality shows must be a goldmine for Dicko. He seems to appear in every show going.
    I find him a bit dull but good on him.Does anyone knows how much someone like him gets paid to appear in these shoes.

  4. Reminds me of that Survivor season where Jonny Fairplay came back to much fanfare and quit after the 1st episode. I know that pissed off quite a few people who wanted to see him, and they didn’t watch out the season because of it.

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