Gold Logie showdown: Esther Anderson

Adam Hills, Carrie Bickmore, Hamish Blake, Esther Anderson, Asher Keddie and Karl Stefanovic.

One of them will win the Gold Logie next Sunday night.

This week TV Tonight speaks with all five and asks them the very same questions, starting today with Home and Away‘s Esther Anderson.

How do you rate your chances?
“Slim. I’m so stoked that I’m not being called the “shock nominee” though! Last time people were saying “Esther who?” so maybe a fraction above slim!

Who is your main competition?
“The other 5 nominees! Asher will win I think.”

Who is the dark horse?
“Carrie Bickmore! Although the talented Adam Hills is due to win surely.”

What does it mean to win a Logie?
“I’ve not had the honour so I’m not sure, but looking at the previous winners I would be proud to stand in their company, also I think my parents would be really thrilled and forget they spent all their money voting for me.”

What was the highlight of your 2011 TV year?
“Definitely seeing how everyone embraced the Charlie and Brax storyline. It was quite amazing to see what kind of effect this story had on people, young and old. Ok admittedly it was mainly Brax!”

Why should viewers vote for you?
“I’d be thrilled if the Home and Away fans chose to vote for me, I’ve had such amazing support over my years on the show.”

NEXT: Asher Keddie.


  1. David! I notice that you said you’ll speak “with all five”, but I counted six in your opening paragraph! Or did I miss something?

  2. daveinprogress

    I don’t see a frontrunner – the last few years have been campaigns by big fan bases – but hardly representative of huge audiences – Ray Meagher? Home and Away had a million viewers at the time, but Karl? Adam Hills has had 2 shows on airlast year – So too Asher Keddie – so i would give them the lead – but i don’t rule out Carrie – although why this year? Last year would have been the sentimental time to vote her Gold. Interesting i think this is the youngest field for a while (no John Wood or Rebecca Gibney or Ray Meagher) Hamish Blake would be a fun winner. Adam Hills too. It’s going to be a battle of the fanboys and fangirls.

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