Gold Logie showdown: Hamish Blake

For Hamish Blake, being nominated for a Gold Logie means he is no longer just a viewer. "You realise you’re actually on TV."

He’s nominated for Most Outstanding Presenter once again, but this year Hamish Blake is up for the Gold Logie.

But the man who regularly tops the industry Q Scores, is sceptical about the way such lists are derived.

“My first reaction is always ‘Nobody asked me. I’ve never done it.’ And nobody I know has ever done it. So I don’t know how trustworthy they can be, but I suppose when they fall in your favour that’s the time to go ‘Yes they are very scientific, and when they go against you, you question their validity,'” he tells TV Tonight.

This year Blake is nominated for Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year, joining Karl Stefanovic as an ambassador for the Nine Network.

“I like the way that sounds and I hope they drive us up to the awards in a car with the Channel Nine flags on, like real ambassadors.”

How do you rate your chances?
“I don’t know statistically in what range the word ‘Dismal’ ranks but I’d say I’m about as good a chance at winning Gold as maybe one of the Eastern European countries is at taking the medal tally at Olympics this year. Definitely a lot of spirit and heart involved, but might not get across the line.”

Who is your main competition?
“All of them. When I look at the rest of the bunch I don’t feel like I am part of it. I still feel like a TV viewer. All I can think of is how much quality work they all do in stark comparison to myself.”

Who is the dark horse?
“Andy is a real dark horse here. If he gets up and nabs it I’d be bloody proud.  Seriously…. can I nominate myself? Just call me Black Caviar and throw a saddle on my back.”

What does it mean to win a Logie?
“I think it means that weird gear shift. It probably makes me question a lot about TV because you’re not just a viewer, it’s a weird reality shift that you’re the person on TV. Until you have a Logie you’re not just talking about it anymore you realise you’re actually on TV. So it’s a funny reality check.

“You don’t want to be flippant with it because there are people who have voted, there are members in society who have cared about this and invested time into it, so it’s important that in the hugely unlikely moment I win you definitely want to take a moment to thank those people.

“But if you go down the list of people who have won it would be foolish to think ‘I’ve made it.’ You do have to keep a sense of humour about it. The fact that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin won in 1969 is probably my favourite Logie moment.

“They got given a Special Gold Logie for appearing on that great show ‘The Moon Landing’ in a starring role! I would have loved it if only Neil got the Gold and Buzz got Best Supporting because he wasn’t first (on the moon).”

What was the highlight of your 2011 TV year?
“Our post-Logies appearance on the Today show when we were in bath robes. But aside from that I’d have to say when Andy and I went to a body-building championship in New York.”

Why should viewers vote for you?
“They shouldn’t. Vote for Stefanovic. I have. Look, if you are a blood relative I 80% expect you to vote for me. Aside from that, I’ll let you off the hook.

“And Hillsy has been putting in some stellar work for the best part of a decade, I’d love to see him get it.”

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