Govt releases Convergence Review report

The long awaited recommendations of the Convergence Review have now been released by the government.

The Final Report which considers major future directions for Australian media, follows the release of an interim report some months ago, and the additional Finkelstein Report.

The lengthy 176 page Report, which was submitted to government last month, is now available at Senator Conroy’s website. It tackles everything from media ownership to content standards, local quotas, public and community broadcasting, spectrum allocation and more.

Its recommendations are now under consideration by the government.

“The Convergence Review’s final report sets out the Committee’s recommendations for the future of the media and communications industry,” Senator Conroy said.

“In preparing their recommendations the Convergence Review engaged in a comprehensive nationwide consultation program with stakeholders and the Australian public, including three separate written submission processes.”

“The Gillard Government decided to undertake the Convergence Review in recognition that our media and communications regulatory framework needs refreshing at a time of significant change,” Senator Conroy said.

“The Government’s approach to regulatory reform builds on our substantial communications reform agenda, which includes the delivery of the NBN and digital television switchover.”

“The release of the report provides an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with the Committee’s recommendations. I expect the recommendations will generate robust public debate,” Senator Conroy said.

“The government will respond to the report in due course.”

More to come….


  1. Hopefully this will mean cheaper videogame prices here in Australia, ridiculous prices of around $99 over here, whereas all games are $59 in the US

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