Inside the Actors Studio: Apr 12

George Clooney is James Lipton's interview guest in a two hour special this week.

There are premiere episodes of Inside the Actor’s Studio coming up on Bio Channel with George Clooney as James Lipton’s interview guest in a two hour special.

From prince of primetime to the king of the silver screen, George Clooney is an actor, director, writer and producer and is undoubtedly Hollywood royalty and already a legend. Once considered the sexiest man alive, George sits down with James Lipton for a candid interview about his illustrious career.

9:30pm Thursday April 12 on Bio.

A replay with the cast of The Simpsons airs next week and another on April 26 with Mickey Rooney.

Then on May 3 Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss, January Jones and Christina Hendricks appear in a premiere episode.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this episode of ITAS. George’s career has gone from strength to strength, he seems to make very good choices professionally.
    Personally, when it comes to the sexiest man alive title, I don’t think anyone else comes close!

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