Larry’s Price is Right reunion

Today Larry Emdur met up with former Price is Right contestant, Mary Stephen, whose hysterical reaction on the show made her so unforgettable.

The game show is making a return to Seven and on The Morning Show Mary and her daughter met up with Lazza and Kylie.

By the looks of this video, not much has changed!



  1. The Late Garry Meadows hosted the Price is right on Network Ten back in 1972 when it aired for an hour between 3pm and 4pm Monday to Friday

  2. It’s likely to be John Deeks. He’s already got history with both Larry (doing voiceover work for The Morning Show) and with The Price Is Right itself (he did Turps’s 1989 version).

  3. daveinprogress

    That was lots of fun – the best laugh i’ve had today! The glass of water was the highlight! Larry certainly has charisma and charm – he never looks a whole lot different either! Hope his revamp goes well.

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