Nine locks in Wednesday win

Nine has won its second night of the non-ratings week, after landing in third place the night before.

Nine News led Nine’s win with 1.14m viewers with wins in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Even The Big Bang Theory won its slot, on 1.07m / 1.05m (and 798,000). ACA followed on 926,000, The Mentalist was 769,000, Hot Seat was 612,000 and Unforgettable was 592,000.

Seven News still won nationally on 1.24m as the night’s top show. Next for Seven was Today Tonight (1.06m), but Home and Away was third in its timeslot with 970,000. Air Crash Investigations was 645,000, Criminal Minds was 637,000, Deal or No Deal was 574,000 and The Amazing Race just 356,000.

The Biggest Loser managed another 1.00m for TEN and continues to show its staying power. It was followed by TEN News (752,000), The Project (614,000), Your Gen (571,000) and The Good Wife (550,000).

For ABC1 it was ABC News (1.05m), 7:30 (613,000), Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight (613,000), Agony Uncles (438,000) and the final Woodley (375,000).

Toughest Place to Be was A was 344,000 and Wildest Africa was 317,000 for SBS ONE.

In the battle of One Direction interviews Sunrise was 493,000, its highest rating day all year, with a win in all cities over Today‘s 330,000. Meanwhile ABC News Breakfast was 50,000 / 22,000 and Breakfast on TEN was 44,000.

Heartbeat topped multichannels with 308,000.

Wednesday 11 April 2012.



  1. There is no Thursday episode this week because the Thursday episode is a catch up with the eliminated contestant/ behind the scenes episode and as noone was eliminated this week there was no need for it. It’s back next week.

  2. I don’t know why Ch 7 played a new episode of Criminal Minds last night when it is non-ratings, and it doesn’t even continue next week by the looks of it.

    There was also little promotion, the only reason I knew about it was from my EPG.

  3. I for one is not finding this season of The Amazing Race dull and boring, okay it may not be one of the better seasons of the show, but it by no means the worse ever. The race moves to 10.30pm next week (not sure if it’s a one off), but from season 21 onwards I think Seven need to permanently move the show from the main channel to 7mate in a earlier timeslot.

  4. There are no interesting characters in TAR except the Southern guys! Even I find it dull!
    H&A is struggling without competition, I know it is school holidays, but it isn’t summer! Wonder if these are the lowest ratings in years?

  5. TAR really needs to be on earlier to get ratings. It’s a show the whole family would watch and people would talk about the next day, as they did with TARA. I really don’t think people would care if it was American or Australian if it was promoted correctly. Still the best show on television.

  6. My tweens switched from Today to Sunrise at 8am. Sunrise had the far better atmosphere. Both deserved the figures they got.
    Couldn’t follow The Amazing Race. Seemed just…weird.

  7. Both ratings for Sunrise and Today appear to fluctuate almost daily yet the numbers for Ten’s Breakfast seems to usually be the same on 44,000

    I guess those possessing rating boxes who enjoy Ten’s offering are consistent at the very least.

  8. That’s quite a low number for New Criminal Minds. Did people know it was new? Today deserve nothing and glad Sunrise won how it did. They are the superior show.

  9. Great numbers for The Project. Glad it is finally able to start building again.
    There isn’t anyway of seeing the half hour breakdowns? It would be great to see where it sits compared to ACA & TT.

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