Nine’s post-Easter schedule, this means war….

Nine's schedule is beefed up with some serious fire-power. Unless you hate Reality.

Nine has now locked in more of its Post-Easter programming -and it clearly means war.

The schedule is beefed up with some serious fire-power. Unless you hate Reality.

Like Seven is expected to do with Australia’s Got Talent, Nine will be playing audition episodes of The Voice. It is also yet to schedule Tricky Business and Beaconsfield -they will probably come a week or two later.

Sunday April 15
6:30pm The Voice (premiere)
(Time TBA) 54th Logie Awards

Monday April 16
7pm The Block (premiere)
8pm The Voice (new)
9:30pm Alcatraz final

Tuesday April 17
7pm The Block (new)
7:30pm The Voice (new)
9pm The Big Bang Theory (new)
9:30pm Top Gear (new)

Wednesday April 18
7pm The Block (new)
8pm Celebrity Apprentice (premiere)
9:30pm The Mentalist (new)
10:30pm Unforgettable (new)

Thursday April 19
7pm The Block (new)
8pm Celebrity Apprentice (new)

Friday April 20
7pm The Block (new)

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  1. Like i said previously, its erratic scheduling by Nine. I want to watch The Voice but it clashes with the strange timeslots so i will be recording it, with at least 20 minutes after because Nine is notorious for running late. I think this is going to be reality overkill. How can 7 reality formats, if you include Biggest Loser, compete all together. Something has to give somewhere. What exactly? My guess is Celebrity Apprentice. Last years splitting of ratings made that show look like it did better than it actually did.

  2. @nik c – “light content with little depth”. It looks like people would rather switch their brains off than watch anything with a halfway decent storyline. Where is the choice? Reality, reality and yet more reality. I agree with [email protected], time to catch up with recordings methinks.

  3. I recognise that this is only the first week post Easter. But I agree no drama before 9pm is bad for the drama genre!!
    The lack of choice: reality or reality or reality across most networks is a negative. We are having a resurgence in relaity, just when i thought dramas were going to dominate.
    With multichannels there is still a lack of decent choice as most multi’s air repeats and content that is 5 plus years old, even 50 years old!
    Not holding out much hope for CSI Miami, Mentalist or Tricky Business rating well due to mainstream demand for light content with little depth!

  4. And that’s where the confusion has come from! Getting dyslectic in my autumn years… my apologies Mr DK.

    Anyway, it’s highly unlikely we’ll watch either show in this household.

    Will probably spend those times catching up with shows recorded and DVD movies.

  5. Another network mucking around with traditional timeslots and starting more shows at 8pm. Ugh! I would have watched Celebrity Apprentice again this season but I’m not willing to sit through any of The Block to see, it so forget about it. I can’t really see a need for The Voice when we’ve had Australian Idol and X Factor struggle to find enough brilliant contestants to compete.

  6. Some weird comments here about reality.

    We have traditionally had 10 or more dramas a week on a network. That has never been “overkill”, so how is 3 reality shows overkill?

    Reality is a major genre now. And audiences have voted. They like it more than drama. Networks are just responding to viewers and viewing trends. Look at the ratings for Block, X Factor, MasterChef, AGT, Celeb Apprentice, MKR, Marry my Boy, Loser etc.

    There are not that many good dramas on network TV anymore. CSI? Unforgettable? SVU? House? Alcatraz? Persons of Interest? Glee? They are not that engaging. And look how they perfoem for the networks.

    The only drama hits I can think of right now are Rafters & Revenge.

  7. I enjoy the US and (from what I’ve seen)…the UK versions of ‘The Voice’ and they’re great…but the blind auditions are the best part. I find the ‘battle rounds’ are a snoozefest and the finals rounds don’t get very exciting until the end…

    If Nein they stick with it for another one or two seasons like Seven did with X Factor, it will probably be a huge success – that is, providing they have chemistry between the judges…still not a fan of Keith Urban

  8. So we have “The Voice” on Sunday (“Premiere”), “The Voice” on Monday (“Premiere”), “The Voice” on Tuesday (“Premiere”), “The Voice” on Wednesday (“New”) and “The Voice” on Thursday … I guess this one is a repeat…

    And Friday too…

  9. Three issues…
    1. This just reeks of desperation and it should be funny to watch Nine scramble for content later in the year when these shows finish
    2. One of these will fail as it’s too much for viewers. I’m guessing it will be The Voice, which I think has the potential to be big (what with the international judges) but won’t be as viewers will get turned off by too much reality
    3. And on that note, what are Nine offering for people who like drama or comedy or any other genre other than reality before 9.00? Nothing. Sure reality gets big numbers but that does not bring a diversity of audience members that will stick with the network in the long term

  10. wow. this is extreme. i really think they should have left celebrity apprentice to the end of the year, 2 reality shows would have been more than enough. this is serious overkill. but i am excited.

  11. Its erratic scheduling if you ask me. Its strong don’t get me wrong but erratic. 8pm start times have backfired so far this year for TEN in particular and the same could happen here. Also being in NBN territory it means The Voice doesn’t start until 1/2 hour later due to A Crappy Affair airing at 7pm.

    All i can say is its going to be reality overkill. Dancing, Talent, Block, Voice, Masterchef. Its so so much reality and the thing thats even worse is most nights we won’t get a decent drama until 9pm or later.

  12. Definately aggressive programming. I’d say 9 held ammunition for the first quarter and are now telling Australia they are back and about to dump all over everyone. It looks like the existing shows drew the tough end of the bargain with TBBT and Mentalist headed for scheduling chaos.

    7 has some strong competition but ten is just going to get lost in all of this. Nothing they have will come close to holding up. I’m sensing some record lows.

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