Pictures of You premiere

After a preview episode on the back of MKR, Seven begins Pictures of You hosted by Brian Nankervis next Monday night.

After a preview episode on the back of the My Kitchen Rules finale, Seven begins Pictures of You hosted by Brian Nankervis next Monday night.

Pictures of You is a deceivingly simple idea – and one that the team from Working Dog has wanted to explore for quite some time.

It’s about well-known people, or in this case people we assume we know well, sharing photos from their formative years. Host Brian Nankervis discovers there’s something disarmingly honest and revealing about old photos, as guests share what has shaped them, their family, their childhood hobbies, where they took holidays and even what the hell they were thinking with their Year 12 formal outfit!

As with most Working Dog projects the concept was thrown on the canvas for examination and testing. Step one was to find a host and the team were thrilled when Brian Nankervis agreed to step into the role. Brian has been working behind-the-scenes with the group as warm-up man on just about every show they have produced in recent years.

Next, guests were invited into the studio, armed with their family photo collections. It instantly became obvious there was a real charm and attraction in hearing people reminisce about their early life. Even those claiming “I’ve got nothing to say” found their stream-of-consciousness kicking in, full of things to share once aided by the visual prompting of a long forgotten treasured photo. The revelations and discoveries are the perfect mix of heart-warming humour, occasional heartbreak, insight and at times the lost virtuosity of great storytelling.

Even for well-known personalities who might have reason to be a little guarded about their personal modern day lives, old family snapshots hold no such fears and Pictures of You reaps from the reveal.

Monday 23 April, 9:30pm on Seven.

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