Seven, post-Easter programming.

Updated: Here's what we know thus far, including 30 Rock being bumped to Mondays and Australia's Got Talent confirmed.

Seven hasn’t released all of it’s post-Easter schedule yet but what we know thus far is:

Sunday April 15
6:30pm Dancing with the Stars

Monday April 16
7:30pm Australia’s Got Talent (updated)
9pm Revenge
10pm How I Met Your Mother
10:30pm Happy Endings (dbl ep)
11:30pm 30 Rock

Tuesday April 17
8:30pm Packed to the Rafters (S5E1)
9:30pm Parenthood (dbl ep)

Thursday April 19
8:30pm Grey’s Anatomy*
9:30pm Desperate Housewives*
10:30pm Private Practice*

Updated: Australia’s Got Talent now confirmed at 7:30pm Monday. Could Seven play a double Titanic against the Logies and two more on Wednesday 18?

It isn’t clear what happens to Sports Fever with 30 Rock moving back to Monday nights. Will it continue on 7mate?

* returns next week April 12.

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  1. My prediction – Titantic will premiere on the 100th Anniversary of its ill-fated voyage – Sunday 15th April. It will follow the premiere of Dancing With The Stars.

    Downtown Abbey series 2 will fill the Titanic slot afterwards (it’s from the same makers, so fits well). There are 1 or 2 more episodes than needed (4 eps + 8 eps) to supplement the Dancing slot of 10 eps I think. A 2-hour premiere or finale of Titanic or Downton would tie it all up very nicely. Let’s see!

  2. re: Sports Fever
    They announced at the end of the show tonight that tonight’s show was the season final, and the show will be back ”soon”. Also tonight, they announced on their facebook page that it was their season final.

    Working Dog must have done a ”’10-episode-no-matter-the-ratings”’ sort of package with Seven. Hopefully it airs later this month in some capacity.

  3. Wait, I’m confused now. When is Channel Seven going to broadcast the Titanic miniseries? I thought they were broadcasting it next week for the 100th Anniversary? It would be ridiculous to broadcast it after…. can someone please explain to me?

  4. If Titanic is on Sunday I might watch it but on Wednesday it would depend if Fringe is on a certain other channel.

    But I’ll admit I was hoping to find out when Once Upon A Time was going to be on. I selfishly hope not 7.30pm Tuesday. But don’t mind Sunday or Wednesday at that time. Even though I like to watch ABC or SBS on Sunday. I really hope it doesn’t end up clashing with Fringe.

  5. Interesting news. Talent on Mondays sure changes things. Could Once Upon a Time be slotted in at 7:30pm Tuesdays? I mean Seven has dominated this timeslot for so long with reality and Once is huge in the US. It would be a good night for the show.

    As for Titanic the series has been labelled “Rubbish” and “Terrible” by a lot of people on forums in the UK. Seven might be having 2nd thoughts? I am presuming it will air Sunday at 8:30pm and again on Wednesday 8:30pm.

  6. @ MuchoTB I whole heartedly agree! The Ch7 push for reality shows, really does show their reliance and love for Reality!
    Dramas always get shafted, it used to be All Saints after DWTS. But surprisingly they are being kind to Rafters. Hopefully to keep viewers happy and to preserve/promote Aussie Drama. This paves the way for Winners and Losers in the 9:30 timeslot.
    Revenge is popular enough to survive the 9pm start time. As demonstrated by recent late starts after MKR.

  7. Would Seven play a double Titanic on Logies night considering that DWTS will probably go until 9pm and therefore Titanic until 11pm. I know that Logies goes until 11:00/11:30 but I would think people would be more inclined to stay up and watch Logies than Titanic.

  8. Yay for Parenthood return but damn it why the double ep, it’s only going to hurt the over all ratings… I guess they want to ‘burn’ it off for other shows in case it doesn’t make a return for S4 in the US.

    Good to see the Rafters will be back, yes I not they said it would be after Easter. But what of W&L, will Seven show half the Rafters season, or less. Then rest it for W&L? I think W&L needs a different night, it rates well and should be a good lead in for other shows. 9:30 after the Raters (once PH ends) would be a waste.

  9. I expected Titanic to be slotted at 8:30 this entire week – so 7:30 is a nice surprise

    A bit annoying that they keep shafting Revenge, their highest rated US import, for cheap reality crap like MKR, and now AGT it seems

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