Seven scores win on Wednesday

Ratings: Australia's Got Talent tops Wednesday night as Seven takes its first win in network shares for the week.

Without the competition of The Voice, Seven reversed its fortunes last night and delivered a convincing win.

Seven won with 31.8% share over Nine 25.1%, and TEN on 21.1%.

A talent quest was still #1 for the night, with Australia’s Got Talent at just under 1.4m viewers, a big improvement on Tuesday.

The anticipated Molly Meldrum interview delivered Seven News (1.36m) and Today Tonight (1.27m) wins but they don’t match the public interest in the story. Could it have delivered bigger numbers via a Sunday Night interview? Timing is everything, and it’s pretty clear Molly was not ready to speak at the same time that show was in season.

Elsewhere Home and Away was 999,000, Titanic sank to a disappointing 720,000 and a very late Amazing Race was just 256,000.

Nine News was best for Nine on 1.14m then The Block (1.13m) and ACA (1.02m). The splitting of shows with OzTAM is expanding, with Nine dividing Celebrity Apprentice into two (908,000 / 859,000) -this is despite industry complaints about the strategy. In any case the debut is an under-performance for the show’s return. The Mentalist was 660,000 and Unforgettable was 299,000.

TEN was unable to rise above 773,000 for The Biggest Loser. TEN News was 734,000 while the country’s most popular actress Asher Keddie had to settle for 728,000 for Offspring‘s return (also an under-performance). The Good Wife was 501,000.

Once again ABC News topped ABC1 with 969,000 then 7:30 (713,000), Wild Life at the Zoo (604,000), Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight with the country’s most popular presenter was just 487,000. Agony Uncles was 374,000 and At the Movies was 260,000.

World’s Most Dangerous Roads was 296,000 for SBS ONE with Wildest Africa on 245,000.

American Pickers on 7mate topped multichannels with 277,000.

Nine is still comfortably ahead for the week with a 36% share over Seven’s 27.7%, but that gap will close before the week ends.

Wednesday 18 April 2012

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  1. @James – Well, that explains it. If Ray Hadley said it, it must be true. Like his selective readings of polls when Labor drops a point but no mention that Nony has also dropped a few points as “favoured PM”.

  2. @Kenny
    Very Funny :/ I meant that I heard Ray Hadley on 2GB read out the ratings.

    I think he might have just meant Sydney? Can you clarify that for me?

  3. @ Ryan The Good Wife was great – this season has been very strong. I wonder of the Offspring surprise turns out to be one of those “it seemed like a good idea at the time” in the writers’ room. I suppose the whole season will be about nature vs nurture. I just hope it doesn’t get too sudsy. The Killing was also amazing so Wednesday night is just perfect. You can watch The Killing, record 10 and play them back without adds. Female led, female skewing drama – not to be found on the Nine network!

  4. @ James “David, I heard that Today beat Sunrise on the radio. Am I right ?”
    Is Today and Sunrise on the radio now? What stations? (Sorry, my warped sense of humour).

  5. Seven ruins The Amazing Race, every season. The reason that the figures keep declining is because it never has a usual time or day. I think it’s safe to say that the US Amazing Race has never lasted a whole season on the same day/ night.
    I agree, schedule it on 7mate.

  6. Surprised that TAR still got 256,000 even starting at the very late time of 10.50pm, if Seven moved the show to 7mate to an earlier time of 7.30pm starting with the next US season & still got 256,000 that would be very good figures for a multi channel like 7mate.

  7. Second attempt to watch The Amazing Race. Still cannot make any sense out of it. Surprised it even got 250K.
    Agree with – idiotbox – completely. The Logies thesedays are a meaningless farce. Still wondering why the Sydney 9 newsreader grabbed the Logie for the Brisbane floods coverage, followed by the Melbourne newsreader shoving the QTQ9 reader into the “also-ran” third place?

  8. More proof there David that the Logies these days don’t reflect what the viewing audience really watch or think. Love your quip that the Logie’s Most Popular Presenter Adam Hills only got 400,000 viewers. Doesn’t seem like he’s very popular to me.
    Adam Hills has to be worst chat show host I have ever seen. Rove has better interviewing skills than Hills which is really saying something

  9. Sadly have not watched WIN/Nine or GEM and GO for quite some time. Recorded the double Titanic and The Killing and watched Offspring. Being in WIN land we didn’t get the new Mentalist. So still not watching WIN. Lots of new shows being advertised so things may change.

  10. I flicked between AGT and Celebrity Apprentice. Love The Amazing Race but its on too late and ended up recording it.i plus it clashed with American Pickers.

  11. CA was great last night, how good was the bitching between Charlotte and Tania, I loved it when Charlotte said “why stab them on the back when you can stab them on the face” hahaha, I was hooked!

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