The Bachelor, Bachelorette to be sued for racial bias.

Only in America…..

Two men from Nashville are suing ABC network claiming that Reality shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is bias against African Americans.

In 23 combined seasons, the show has never featured a person of colour as the lead in the title role.

They say they play to file class-actions complaints in federal court on Wednesday.

The suit also names Warner Horizon Television Inc. and executive producer Mike Fleiss.

It’s not the first time The Bachelor has been hit with charges of racism. Shawn Ryan, the creator of The Shield and The Unit, last year blasted producers after they defended the lack of cultural diversity.

But Fleiss had maintained that minorities had not “come forward” which in a country of that size is also a pretty staggering claim.

While the move may seem like an over-reaction, both shows are actually huge ratings drawcards in the US.

The Bachelor is currently airing in Australia on GO!

Source: LA Times


  1. But there have been African American contestants on each show so at least they are better than Australian (reality)(soaps) shows who ignore Indigenous Australians.

  2. Has there ever been an overweight person on the show? Or a disabled person? A muslim? A gay/lesbian version?
    How could you ever prove anything untoward?

  3. It a fair enough complaint after 23 seasons. but thats all it should be, a complaint. legal acton is rediculous, but im sure the show will love the publicity.

    only in america.. so true.

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