The Block on top but Seven wins Sunday

Ratings: With The Voice out of the picture for Sunday night, results between Seven and Nine were always going to be much closer.

With The Voice out of the picture for Sunday night, results between Seven and Nine were always going to be much closer.

There was good news for both, with Nine topping the list but Seven winning overall.

Seven News was best for Seven on 1.5m viewers then Dancing with the Stars (1.23m), Bones (1.05m), and Castle (740,000).

The Block was #1 for the night with 1.56m viewers for Nine, followed by Nine News (1.5m), 60 Minutes  (1.35m) and The Mentalist (701,000). Unforgettable was 454,000 and Harry’s Law was 218,000.

TEN stayed below the magic million with Modern Family (976,000), The Biggest Loser (860,000), New Girl (804,000), Touch (651,000). The Project was 404,000. 2012 MotoGP was just 294,000.

ABC1 was also below one million with ABC News (848,000), Waking the Dead (692,000), Two on the Great Divide (610,000), Compass (365,000) and Auction Room (268,000).

Robinson Crusoe’s Treasure Island was 271,000 for SBS ONE, World News Australia was 212,000 and Prophets of Science Fiction was 201,000.

Big Bang topped multichannels with 324,000 on GO!

Sunday 29 April 2012.

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  1. I cannot believe TEN is killing the golden goose with MotoGP and F1 when the had it so good before. I understand they are trying to colsolidate their viewers by moving them from One to Ten but now with SA and WA watching it live on One with the Eastcost on TEN, they have stuffed up that marketing model…

  2. Decided to watch Dancing With the Stars last night.
    Poor Vogue Williams so unknown that they continually use Brian McFadden, even in the pre dance package to speak for her. Then after the dance they go to him all the time. They don’t do that for any other celeb. I didn’t realise how bad a dancer Shannon Noll was, I think he was lucky his fans are keeping him in.

  3. @Belinda: I was wondering the same thing. I hope we do, it would be a shame if GO are forced to hold back. According to my TiVo, a new episode is still scheduled. Hopefully David will be able to shed some light on the situation?

  4. @breakdown, I didn’t realise it was a world premiere, but I did wonder why I hadn’t heard about Whoopi guest starring on US TV sites. I wonder if we will get the next three episodes ahead to the US as well?

  5. Looking at the figures on the Ratings page, I was disappointed that ‘The Middle’ didn’t rate very highly. Last night’s episode with Whoopi Goldberg was actually a world premiere. It’s scheduled to air in the US on Wednesday and hasn’t even leaked online yet.

    I was quite impressed with Go for airing it.

  6. I think the Super Sunday with F1 & MotoGP is not working for TEN, please put them back on ONE so the whole country can watch them in HD!

    I wonder how long before TEN sees the light and moves them back to put a movie on the main channel?

    That said TEN was up last night to above 20%, so maybe it’s working or maybe it’s more to do with no The Voice last night?

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