The Voice powers to 2.7m

The unstoppable force that is The Voice actually went up again last night, scoring a whopping 2.7m viewers for its fourth audition episode. It peaked at an almighty 3.48m viewers.

Nine’s show sent Dancing with the Stars to record lows of 991,000, and The Biggest Loser had to contend with 780,000 -a much softer drop than Seven experienced.

In Sydney there were nearly a million viewers watching The Voice. It enjoyed 944,000 viewers, Melbourne had 745,000 and Brisbane 506,000. The numbers ensured Beaconsfield did great business with 1.63m viewers as the second most popular show of the night. Nine News was third on 1.49m.

It all added up to a staggering 43.5% share, thumping Seven on 23.7% and more than doubling TEN’s 16.2%. With that kind of margin, Nine is already on the way to another weekly win.

Seven News (1.4m) was best for Seven but from there only Bones (1.00m) cracked the magic million. Dancing with the Stars slumped to 991,000. Castle was 700,000.

Loser (780,000) remains TEN’s best performer followed by Modern Family (745,000), the premiere of Touch (742,000), New Girl (589,000), TEN News (519,000), FIA Formula One (425,000) and The Project (425,000). TEN repeats Touch tomorrow night.

ABC struggled on Sunday with ABC News (866,000), Two on the Great Divide (715,000), Waking the Dead (613,000), Compass (378,000) and Auction Room (294,000).

Prophets of Science Fiction was 264,000 for SBS ONE and Lost Ships of Rome was 242,000.

Not content with its primary numbers afternoon reruns of The Voice even managed to top multichannels with 218,000 viewers. Dizzying stuff, folks….

Sunday 22 April 2012


  1. I agree the set of AGT Looks old and needs updating compared to the voice. And poor old delta can not seem to get anyone to pick her . Notice how the other judges are not turning around if delta presses the buzzer. Its the only way anyone will pick delta. Whats the go with joel madden last ight never pressed the buzzer, is that to give delta a chance. Boring with out madden crazy antics. He was very quiet last night.

  2. I love The Voice but Nine needs more than this. They have one massive juggernaut but not much else. Seven still have a better spread of shows all around. When the Voice ends it will be back to normal. DWTS is still pulling good numbers considering but Seven needs to invest in newer shows. If Nine gets their act together with a couple more hits, they will really be back in the game. I really believe the sensational casting of the judging panel of The Voice is giving the show an extra million viewers. Nine should sign Seal and Joel madden up for next year now as they are good enough for the U S or U K shows..

  3. James – Original I noticed that too – the hug backstage comment came up before he’d even gone backstage. Nine employees who’ve seen the ep perhaps?

  4. I don’t know if AGT looks cheap and tacky tvtwitic, it’s just it’s not as appealing to see something that is five years old compared to something that is brand new.

  5. wow! that’s big numbers for The Voice! I actually dunno why its getting those numbers, is it because of how the auditions are run or what? I actually thought this would just hover around 1.2-1.4m but not 2.7!!!

  6. daveinprogress

    The Voice is proving a juggernaut! The Biggest Loser is nearing the end of series 7, DWTS been going 7 years or more. The new kid in town is showing the age of the others, but The biggest loser has been a great show this season, and Dancing is still good live entertaining telly – so one tough tough night all around. Now if we can more people to watch local drama and comedy….

  7. James-original

    Did anyone else notice after the young bloke was picked by Delta and he went back-stage – the on-air Twitters were describing the scene almost before it went to air. How do they do that?

  8. Nine said that a quarter of Australia was watching the voice last night. Last I checked 2.7m wasn’t a quarter of Australia. Or was this the peak?

  9. I know TEN (and Seven) are battling The Voice but I’m sure they are not happy their Super Sunday is not firing. Modern Family, New Girl and Touch deserve better. Motor sport on Sunday night is not going to bring them the ratings find fall they were hoping for. I wonder how many weeks before the Sunday lineup is changed again?

  10. What a surprise!!! Keep up the good work Channel 9. Still and always the one. First live NRL into Perth via GEM on Friday nights (instead of delayed AFL) and now The Voice.

    Disaster with the Stars is past its used-by date.

  11. I am, surprisingly enjoying the Voice,wasn’t expecting to. However, I’m not sure how I’ll go once auditions are over. And I must say 2 hours last night, seemed to drag towards the end.

  12. What surprise me last was that “The Voice” actually finished about 8.30pm and “Beaconsfield” started a minute or two later. I was expecting to sit through another 10-15 minutes of “The Voice” so this was a pleasant surprise – I just wish they would continue it.

  13. Well I am glad that 9 are having success with the Voice. Also great that a drama/mini series Beaconsfield benefitted. I don’t watch the Voice, but am amazed at the success, when other ‘t’alent’ shows haven’t rated this highly in years, although X-factor was higher in 2011 than previous years and Idol disappeared due to low ratings….

  14. carlosthedwarf

    So 10 moves the F1 from One, gains 76k viewers but loses 2% combined share. Wonder if they’re re-thinking it already considering the backlash, doesn’t seem to be adding any new viewers, just moving them from One.

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