The Voice smashes through 2.5m barrier

Ratings: The Voice turns into a mega-hit and thumps Australia's Got Talent. Nine has a stunning night, while TEN slips to fourth.

It’s official. The Voice is not just a hit. It’s a mega-hit.

Last night it rocketed to 2.54m viewers, more than double anything in its path. In Melbourne it pulled 818,000 viewers, in Sydney 767,000 and in Brissy 475,000.

There would have been few who expected it to rise from its already-huge premiere of 2.17m viewers.

The Voice even blew the season premiere of The Block out of the park. It scored 1.4m viewers and also won its timeslot.

Whether the two Reality shows are bringing a “halo” effect to Nine isn’t yet clear. Nine News (1.27m) and A Current Affair (1.2m) both defeated Seven News and Today Tonight -but Hot Seat had promoted a million dollar question. It never managed to give the money away, but the show pulled 775,000 and surely gave Nine the win it wanted.

Nine pulled a 37.7% share over Seven’s 27.8%. TEN was smothered in the battle, slipping to fourth place on 14.9%.

It’s only question is whether the family audience was interested in watching a sitcom afterwards. Big Bang was 645,000 while 468,000 watched the second episode in 4 cities. A very late Alcatraz was 408,000.

Seven News (1.25m) was best for Seven followed by the season premiere of Australia’s Got Talent (1.2m). It was followed by Today Tonight (1.15m), Revenge (1.1m), Home and Away (944,000), How I Met Your Mother (628,000 / 435,000) and Deal or No Deal (531,000).

ABC News was best for ABC1 on 1.04m viewers then 7:30 (768,000), Australian Story (761,000), Q & A (629,000), Four Corners (538,000) and Media Watch (510,000).

TEN has now begun splitting The Project into two half hour coded shows. Its second half hour was 649,000 and the first was 506,000. Its a strategic move as the network seeks to improve ratings stories. Its top show for the night was The Biggest Loser (825,000). Other shows were TEN News (762,000), Bondi Rescue (506,000), NCIS (407,000) and Hawaii Five-0 (363,000).

Mythbusters was 206,000 for SBS ONE and World News Australia was 182,000 with James May’s Man Lab on 163,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels on 299,000.

Monday 16 April 2012

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  1. @stilesy Unfortunately i think Nine will win at least most of the rest of the year because of the Olympic Games coming up. Unfortunately Nine will get cocky about it which they always seems to happen when they get a win…

  2. Kev : I’m with you, pal.
    On my drive home today, I was trying to filter through which show ‘gave’ us various ‘talents’ and I couldn’t really peg them with confidence. They’re all blurring into one another and I’ve yet to be inspired by any of them except that magician guy (Cossimo?).

  3. Jennome, you’re definitely not the only one who hates the audience squealing through someone’s song. The whole screaming when someone sings their first note or two originated when someone famous would be on stage and people recognise the song, so they scream. Not ‘oh, that sounds nice – I think I’ll squeal with glee’. Sometimes the squealing conceals the singer’s flaws and for me, interrupts the emotion of the song.

  4. Watched “The Voice” for the 1st time last night, it will work, not because of the talent but because Australians love to watch peoples dreams come true and peoples dreams lay in shattered pieces on the stage floor as they get rejected.
    Masterchef for the vocally talanted. I suppose its entertainment …..for some.

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